Skull Anatomy Mnemonic (1/3): Bone Tutorial- Neurocranium: Sphenoid Ethmoid Parietal Temporal Bones

The skull is divided into “brain bones
and “face bones.” The brain bones are remembered by: OF PEST. The occipital bone is at the back of the skull.
At the back of your mind, you worry about your “occupation.” The frontal bone is the bone that is at,
front… of the brain. PEST goes “P”… “E”… “S”…
“T”. The parietal bones help form the roof above
the brain. ETHanol -has a distinct SMELL.
The ETHmoid bone is by the NOSE. The sphenoid bone looks like a bat.
If you know superheroes, you’ll remember “super humanoid” vs “bat – humanoid” The body of the bat-bone helps make the floor
of the brain, so is best seen with the “top of the skull”
chopped off. The wings of the bat can be seen at the sides
of the skull. This is part of the “left wing” of the
“sphenoid bone.” The temporal bones are around where you would
you massage your “temples” for a headache. The pair of temporal bones are easy to distinguish
from the pair of parietal bones when you remember that ESTO makes the floor
of the brain. Our next tutorial covers the facial bones
of the skull – and visit for free anatomy flashcards. Help Hippo – Better than learning from Wikipedia

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