Spinning Silk from the Sea

Spinning Silk from the Sea

(speaking foreign language) (soft music) – [Narrator] Sant’Antioco, Sardinia is home to a rare artisan, thought to be the only
person left in the world to weave sea silk, a rare fiber harvested from the saliva of a
species of endangered clams that live here on the ocean floor. (speaking foreign language) – [Narrator] For more
than a thousand years the techniques of collecting
and weaving sea silk have been passed down through her family, making Chiara the 28th generation. (speaking foreign language) – [Narrator] The ancient process of diving to harvest the silk from
the clams is kept a secret for fear of environmental damage. (speaking foreign language) – [Narrator] Chiara uses a secret formula to soak the thread and uses her voice to activate the mixture. Thus allowing it to shine like gold. (speaking foreign language) – [Narrator] Bound by a sacred sea oath, Chiara how vowed to make
any money from her work. (speaking foreign language)

100 thoughts on “Spinning Silk from the Sea

  1. I hope she has an apprentice or grandchild to pass this art form to. It would be a shame to lose another form of art to the sands of time

  2. I mean it’s cool and all but I don’t see any “shining like gold” – just looks like a greenish khaki-ish colour

  3. I would love to meet this woman and watch her as she creates these masterpieces! It is empowering to see this unique art style that offers a voice for the ocean and it's inhabitants! She really had a great message to share!

  4. It’s a shame that her philosophy will also mean the end of this art form. Yes humans are capable of damaging things, but they are also capable of incredible gentleness and beauty. But the oath of this artist is insuring the death of her craft and that will be a shame – because it’s beautiful work and there would be others willing to learn and respect the craft too, it clearly takes years to form the skills required to create such thread, but I suppose some prefer that the art dies and be left behind rather than teach others how to enjoy and respect such a lovely art.

  5. Possibly one of the last mortal bloodlines of Poseidon. It is honorable that she doesn't stain her craft with money. If only modern tarot readers and "healers" were 1/3rd as wholesome.

  6. The ideology is impressive… But realistically, this is a monopoly; regardless of whether it is monetized. There's also an emotional aspect to this that this culture is dwindling – she might be the last one; yet this disregards the fact that it's very selective (seemingly, only within the family).

    That is to say, I am skeptical of how heavy emotion is written into the script.

  7. That's so cool! I was thinking as I watched this about billionaires buying this stuff, then she said NO MONEY! Wow! so fricken cool

  8. I wonder about the first person/people who thought "hey let's collect clam saliva and make cloth from it!"…

  9. SEA WITCH honoring mother earth for the gifts she has given not slowing others to damage the water and life

  10. What a load of fluff. If this was so precious, why blab about it to the entire world, unless the only objective was to brag about how exceptional you are. No one is going to care about that material because the cost of production is not worth it. It's only special to her because that's all her family ever did. Fashion industry has cashmere, silkworms and vicuña. How many billionaires in the world are going to line up to wait 5 years for a pocket piece LOL

  11. Yeah, no… It's obviously not useful if it takes 5 years to make a few cm, and it really doesn't look much better than grass woven together from a field… It's just a family pass time that became way to ritualistic one Christmas long ago…

  12. Damn. So much respect to this strong woman. I love the ocean and it's critters deeply. It makes me so happy she's not selling all the info/skills to people interested.

  13. We think were so intelligent now,but we've lost our forgotten more important information than one can possibly imagine. Information critical to or survival as a special through the millennia. Information on things ranging from agriculture, foods, building techniques, architecture, art, medicinal plants, to knowing how to make materials out of a sea creatures saliva! It's crazy how in tune we once were with nature and how far gone that connection is. We will probably never regain what's been lost but we can preserve whats slowly being forgotten, things precisely like this.

  14. I need to set up a Gofund Me so that I can buy a better monitor. Her gold silk shows up as brown cloth that smells of fish.

  15. Dont like her one bit. I dont think she doesnt share the secret to "save the clams". I think she just wants her legacy to be "the last person who spun sea silk"

  16. There's no big secret here, search on google and you'll find whole pages about where it comes from and how it's made. The reason why she's called ''the only and last sea silk weaver'' is because the species of clam it's collected from is endangered and she's the only one who has a license to actually harvest it… I like the edit of this video though, puts a very mystical and theatrical spin on something pretty ordinary.

  17. I feel like we should just lose this art altogether. Seems like a huge waste of time. Also, she activates it with her voice? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight……

  18. Please leave the oceans alone…..
    We've caused enough damage already….

    This is not a hate comment. It's just a humble request…..

  19. I really love that she is not destroying nature for the purpose of money. We need a world like her where resources will be cherished and nature respected.

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