16 thoughts on “Stitch Panoramic Images with GIMP 2.10 (Two Methods)

  1. Basically, Pandora is overly simple and doesn't do anything I could do manually in a few second's time. Hugin is much better, but it is a seperate program. Thanks!

  2. Great vid. Can I ask if you have any info on how to get the Resynthesiser plugin for Gimp. I have a Mac and having problems locating it.

  3. Dude! you put your subscribe button on top of horizontal scroll bar. When I try to click on the button, it scrolls to the end of your video. 3 times it happened to me.

  4. When I go to the link, I'm getting the software but can't seem to find the plugin. I searched in the download for a .scm file but nothing. Is there another place to get it?


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