Stretchable Thread “Eloflex” to the Rescue

Stretchable Thread “Eloflex” to the Rescue

Welcome to SewVeryEasy, my name is Laura. And did you know that there is a thread that is designed to sew stretch knits? And, it’s made to use on your home sewing machine. It is a stretchable thread. The thread company is Coats & Clark. It comes in fourteen different colors. You treat it just like a regular thread, but it really does stretch. I’ve tied one pin onto the thread and have anchored it onto my board. I’m going to make a second mark where I’ve tied a second pin on. You’ll be able to see how much that thread will stretch. Just pulling it, you can see how much this thread stretches, which means the thread is not going to break in your seams. You can use this for both the bobbin and the top. I would recommend using them both, then you won’t have any popped seams in your stretch knits. My favorite pair of store-bought stretch knit pants has a hole, and this seam has holes all the way down because the fabric moves, but the thread does not. I’m going to now be able to repair the pants with this stretchy thread and those seams will not snap anymore. I’m also very short so I need to hem up a lot of my pants. With the stretch knit pants this is going to be a great alternative when putting up my hems. The thread is going to be treated the same as any regular thread, so your needle is going to depend upon what fabric you are using. You don’t need a special needle for this. When you put it on the bobbin, don’t put extra tension on it as it is spooling up your bobbin. Just let the machine do it naturally and it’s going to work out just fine. So just treat this as normal thread. However, it’s not normal thread. It’s stretchy thread. It is a great thread to have on hand, regardless if you are sewing with stretch knits or just repairing the stretch knits. Thank you for joining me today on SewVeryEasy. Feel free to subscribe and, as always, come on back. Let’s see what we’re sewing next time
in sewing room. Bye for now!

15 thoughts on “Stretchable Thread “Eloflex” to the Rescue

  1. I purchased this to make a dance outfit for my daughter. It breaks after I sew a few stitches. Any thoughts on how I can make it work? This product would make my life so much easier but right now after two days I ready to throw it away. I’m using a Bernina 440qe.

  2. I had no luck with this thread. It would break on me while I was sewing and it pulled out of the seams as well. I was glad I only bought one roll.

  3. Thank you for showing this to me. I have run all over all internet lol . I have some on the way to my house now. Yay

  4. Hi Laura, yet again….. love this thread… Went to JoAnn's yesterday, got every color… just to have on hand… well I do like thread, as much as I love zippers…. thanks again for always guiding toward perfection… Kiss, Mr. P

  5. I have been trying to use this thread for awhile, not working for me. Thread keeps breaking, I used a stretch needle, a ball point, even tried a denim needle, played with tension all with the same problem of breaking and shedding. Not sure what else to do, so far not all it is advertised to be!! Any help, please??

  6. why didn't you film yourself sewing with this thread? just because you say it can be done doesn't prove this thread really works.

  7. After trying every loose tension setting, different needle sizes & weights of knit fabric, the eloflex proved to be a continuous problem to work with. It is not a thread that can be used w/instant success. Back to the store for a refund …

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