Strongest. Stitch. EVER!

Strongest. Stitch. EVER!

In case you’re wondering why I’m wearing
a spider-man costume. It was $8.00 on clearance at Target. That’s about it. What
if you need your new seam to be extra strong so you can do things like flex in
front of a camera and not have to worry about it ripping? And also hoping you
don’t have to do multiple takes of this because by the third one your arms are
probably gonna cramp up. Yes did it in one! I’m SD and don’t worry, I got you. We are going to be talking about the safety stitch or the chain stitch. And if you
know how to make a straight stitch well that means you also know how to make
this stitch. Now this stitch is perfect for things like a pair of jeans or if
you’re gonna tailor a pair of chinos or you could even use it on a dress shirt
if you want to. Or you could use it on a t-shirt. Anything where you’re kind of
worried about the structural integrity of that seam IE you don’t want it to
rip on you! You don’t want any kind of awkward moments. I know trust me I’ve
been there. Hello? Hello! It said scam likely so if this isn’t a
scam. Let’s call them back. You Mother – If you are sewing a normal straight stitch what
your machine is gonna do is it’s just gonna continuously go on a straight line
indefinitely until well until you tell it to stop. With a chain stitch or a
safety stitch it’s gonna do the same thing but it’s only going to go forward
for two stitches. And then after that second stitch it goes backwards once.
Forward forward back. Forward forward back. That sounds like a uhh. Like a
copyrighted song that I could sing right now but it probably wouldn’t end well.
When it goes backwards it locks itself into that previous stitch making a chain.
That that’s why they call it a chain stitch. On my machine it’s located it’s
right there. It’s on the exact same dial that controls the length of my stitch.
And I got to spin that bad boy all the way around to the SS right there so
that I can use it. And at this point you might be thinking alright well a chain
stitch sounds absolutely glorious and amazing! Why don’t I use it on everything
instead of using a straight stitch? It’s amazing yes but there’s a couple of
downsides and it’s got a couple of faults too. First off, it uses a lot more
thread and it doesn’t use a lot more thread in a negative way and that
threads really expensive but what could end up happening is your bobbin your
bottom stitch you might have about half of it full let’s say. And then you start
sewing a chain stitch on a pair of chinos. The next thing you know you’ve
run out in the middle of your project. And nothing, nothing is more annoying
than your bobbin just POOP, op, it’s empty. Sweet I gotta I gotta figure this
out. And a chain stitch it also takes a little bit longer too. Wear as the normal
straight stitch you can get that done in like a minute a chain stitch all the way
around on a pair of chinos? Mmm, like seven eight minutes. And that ain’t that bad
but being hunched over your sewing machine for eight minutes just kind of
watching it do its thing? Eh no bueno. How many of you just leave your clothes
in the basket until you’re ready to wear them? I mean I’m a grown taxpaying man
and I could not tell you the number of times that my clothes go from the dryer
into a basket and they stay there! They do not go anywhere else besides on my
body and then back in a laundry basket so that I can wash it on laundry day.
Awesome! The second downside is bro you better
make sure that you are happy as a clam with those measurements and the way that
it fits because if you’re not? Oh! Yep been there you’re gonna have a bad time.
You got to use a seam ripper and if you try using a seam ripper on a chain
stitch it sounds awful right? Yeah that’s cuz it is awful. Like really
really awful. If you have never used a seam ripper it sucks! But I made a video
on it I made it suck a little bit less. Just just a little bit, not a lot. I
showed you how to use it and it sucks a little less. It takes three times as long
to stitch it and it takes about nine times as long to rip it out if the ain’t
happy. So measure, measure again and then measure a third time trust me don’t go
down that path. Now somebody said I cut my videos way too quickly at the end and
the reason why I do that is because it.

23 thoughts on “Strongest. Stitch. EVER!

  1. I was up last night til midnight taking in my chinos. I go and hem the final leg, and the bottom has more fabric. I did something wrong with the taper. Love your multiple shots. And how they blend in together. That’s a lot of production work behind the scenes. Trust me, I know!

  2. Empty Bobbin HOLY F***
    @Stylish Dad do you have a Serger/Overlock sewing machine? That's a heaven on earth for ALL kinds of projects.

  3. Another great vid SD!

    I have a quick question about t-shirts, I remember you talking about it in another video but can't find it again, but did you say it was best to use cotton or polyester thread for tshirts?

    I don't want to find out the hard way 😂

  4. Tries to make himself look like The Hulk. Makes himself look like Shrek instead

    -SD's Photoshop skills…

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  5. Damn, now we have to see the end result after you tailor that spidey suit lol.

    Hows the flat felled seam video coming? Have yet to see any videos on that anywhere on real-world scenarios =/.. It's always out of some demonstration fabric and never on actual pants/shirt.

  6. Brother I LOVE your videos! You inspired me to buy a sewing machine and I'm picking it up tonight!

  7. The chain stitch is all I use. Most of my stuff I sew is for camping though, and I want it strong.

  8. I bought a sewing machine about 4 years ago for something completely unrelated, but I thought it would be cool if I could tailor my own shirts one day. I haven’t done it yet and the sewing machine is in a closet, barely used. Until seeing your videos, I thought it would be too difficult, but now I’m inspired and motivated. I’ve picked out a shirt and I’m going to try it. Thanks for all of the tips and hard work. Btw, that last joke about the outros literally made me laugh out loud!

  9. I did it. I watched your videos for about 2 months. Today I bought my sewing machine. Super easy to setup and run. Now I'm off to the races!!!

  10. God damn, this man has barely 60k subscribers but makes higher quality vids than channels with millions of subs.

  11. The only downside is some extra pre-planning and some time? Sweet! Too bad my machine doesn't have the option. I guess I better get to hand sewing that ish 😄

  12. SD, I just want to say thank you so much, man. Because of you I purchased my very own sewing machine and have been hemming and tapering like a mad fu*king fool. I sucked at first but now I'm competent enough that family members are handing me their clothes to work on. I really appreciate everything you've done, and I review your vids often just for the encouragement.
    Cheers from Canada.

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