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  1. I always carry suture material in my EDC First Aid kit, just on the off chance that It's needed and somebody knows how to use it. At least now i have a little bit of an idea.

  2. wired is teaching me so much?? s many things I never thought I'd learn like the art of disguise, fingerprints and how to retrieve them,, so many things

  3. If you differentiate between resident and resident surgeon, you're a douchebag. They're surgeons in training, but surgeons regardless; you can give them the respect of calling them a surgeon rather than implying that they're just a trainee.

  4. Nice video and, as others have said, it was like a real lesson. I did get the feeling that their personalities didn't click while making the video, or either she really didn't want to be there. I will have to watch some of her other videos, but it seems like she is a competent introvert that does the teaching (and video making) because she puts her mind to it. Not because she likes it. Reminds me of myself, minus the doctor part.

  5. I was an Eagle Scout in the boy scouts when I was younger, and I'm watching this first part and I'm saying to myself, "What??? One handed knot? Doesn't she mean a square knot?"

  6. So Amazing and Mind boggling at the same time and Yet for doctors doing this is just like placing a cog in a big machine..

  7. Love how professional yet funny and attentive Annie is. I wished when I was in med school, my consultants were as great at teaching as she is. But I can't help but wants to clarifying several things
    1. Surgeons do put their thumb inside the hole but to unclick the needle drive, it is easier to do it Annie's way
    2. The grip on the needle driver should be using thumb and ring finger. It will be easier to control the instrument that way
    3. Instrument knot is widely used even among surgeons and doing it right will give the same tight knot as tying with hand but yes I must admit it is quite uncivilised and some surgeon look down upon those who use it. I use it interchangeably according to situation. Hand tying is faster and more useful during open surgery where you need speed and precision. When suturing superficial wound with interrupted suture, doctor tends to used instrument so they don't waste a lot of the suture
    But overall, I enjoyed this video, maybe Annie should run he own youtube channel about trivia surgery story or how to do simple medical stuff

  8. Fascinating, this looks like a simple reef/square knot but the action that ties it is done in such a way that it maintains tension and remains consistent. That's really cool.

  9. My doctor stitched my gashing wound(s) so good, there isn't even a decent mark left. I'm kind of pissed! I wanted to have a wild conversation starter.

  10. idk why I'm even watching this, I'm not premed nor med student, I'm not even in school… cool video though xD I like Annie, I would want her to stitch me up

  11. Why? People who should know this must be experts. What's next teaching open heart bypass or Amputation to people on streets

  12. Ohhh please have her react to the Greys anatomy episode where Christina keeps practicing one handed knots with the left hand!

  13. After falling through the pine trees in 'First Blood', exactly which knot did John Rambo use, with one hand, as he stitched himself up?

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  15. I love this because we use similar stitches and techniques in sewing. I just closed up a couch seam that had split and used the RCC stitch to make sure it blended into the rest of the couch fabric.

  16. I don't know why she don't like instrumental ties. Literally our professor taught this specific technique to use during sewing. And actually I've never seen a surgeon in my country that would play with his hands and filament instead of just making the operation easier and faster by using instrumental tie.

  17. At first, stiches/sutures of any kind in books or movies freaked me out. I hated them. I could barely get through whatever scene contained them. Now, a few years later and beginning to study for a medical career, I can't wait to learn how to do them! I'm hoping to be an EMT/Paramedic or a PA, so these will most likely come in handy in the future.

  18. Wow . What chemistry. Have these guys known each other for a while? My favorite wired host but Peter was great too! "The hypocrisy" Lol!!! That one almost made me spit out my Pepsi.

  19. 15:44 "What are your pickups doing?" I love this teaching technique. Makes the student think critically about the use of tools in such a delicate procedure.

  20. Annie is standing to the right of Peter during the body shots, but during the hand shots, you switch Annie's hands are to the left, and Peter's hands to the right.
    Just a tad confusing and not keeping with editing continuity.

  21. I don't think I would want a surgeon with a tattoo on her arm like that…but I probably wouldn't have a choice 🙁

  22. I would love for Annie to come back and do a video regarding about how to do emergency stitches, clean wounds, and other things like that!!

  23. there are specially designed machines that can do this with an upwards of a 98% accuracy …but of course human know-how is always better imo

  24. So i came to the comments because when she said “4” i was like “friendship bracelet” and i was disappointed that no one said it

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