Swarovski Cubic Right Angle Weave Christmas Tree Decoration: DIY

Swarovski Cubic Right Angle Weave Christmas Tree Decoration: DIY

Hi i am Step at The Bead Shop in
Nottingham and today I’m going to show you how to make lovely cubic right angle
weave Christmas tree decoration as you can see it’s completely beaded on all
sides and its really satisfying to make so we’re going to be using lots of
philosophy zillions to create the lovely shape the nice thing about using
zillions for any kind of right angle weave is that they just lock together
really nicely so gonna get started I’m using 0.25 Tercel max which doesn’t
really lend itself to being filmed but I have colored the very end of the thread
in with a blue marker pen to make it slightly easier to see so first things
first we’re going to use five six millimeter emeralds ilion’s and I’m just
going to thread these up to begin with so we have five feeds online now and
then I’m going to take these towards the end of my thread my thread is probably
about 80 centimeters long which is plenty for this project and I’m going to
take the end of my thread through the very first bead in the same direction so
it’s following why the threads already beating and then if you pin that bead
down to the mat hold on to the end of the thread and just pull your end up
creating our base for our tree so that’s just five beads in a loop there now to
stop me this moving around quite so much while I get started I’m just going to
add a bead stopper onto the thread here so I’m not gonna lose any beads off the
end okay now the next thing I’m going to do is pick up some new beads so I’m
going to to build up my tree base and to get it start building up a height I’m
going to be forming a new layer and this is going to be built up by adding beads
onto each of the subsequent base beads here which will make a lot more sense as
I get going so first things first I’m going to pick up one size six millimeter one five millimeter and another six millimeter they’re now
all on the threat and then I’m going to go back through the bead that this
threads exiting here in the same direction so you’re always making loops
I’m going to go through that bead in the same direction I want to call that tight
it will form a small square and I’m going to do the same again but I’m going
to build a loop up from the next bead from the original ring I’m going to
thread through the next bead in the circle so that’s one of the original six
millimeter ones and now because I’m going to be joined because this will be
3d and I’m going to join up all the sides of the base I’m actually only
gonna pick up two beads on this round so I’m going to pick up one more six
millimeter one more five millimeter then I’m going
to take the thread down the six millimeter added in the previous round
this one here go down that one which will form this square here and then to
finish that square I need to take the end of the thread through the original
bead at the bottom so one of the beads that forms the base and then again I’m
going to go through the next bead from the original ring so that has now so I
keep it flat you’ll be able to see where the beads have been added however what I
need to do is form it will start to as I call it the tension it will start to
create an actual 3d image 3d piece so I’m going to carry on building up the
walls and as I join the new square to the previous square it will all start to
form the base of my tree one more six mil one more five mil then
join down let’s come through both the six mills
and as I pull it up I’ve created another part of the base so to start the next
one I need to go through the next bead in the base so I almost built up all the way around
the base so from the view from the bottom you can see there’s five beats
there from the top although we’ve always got all the sides of the tree built it’s
only four beads on the top and that’s because we need to zip together the last
square and the first square so to do that we need to go through the last base
speed and up the next six millimeter need we’re going to be adding just one five
millimeter very top go down there’s six money to beat finished second as well thus formed the first layer
of our tree listen our shop
the first layer is done or five millimeter beads and from these
type of experience these as our base for our next layer so what’s going to pick
up next one slice is fine
followed by one for me later and another fight
so all the beads are end up from the top of each layer and going down in size and
that’s how you get the tapered tree so I’m going to do him and as I did in the
previous row where I’m going to be going around in a loop to create a square so
I’m gonna go through there we’ve got the beginnings of the next
layer I’m going to work my way in the round all the five mils on the top here
I think 5 mils and 4 mils on the top mamita one five millimeter how long before man
Anita down
sighs fine the one that we started so go through the next see if size five
in the top of the leg of previous layer then pick up 1 5 ml 1/4 mil and go down
that 5 ml and through the one that we started with again start the next square both going
through the next 5 min of them okay we’re at the stage now where we
need to join the to the beginning square and the N square together so I’m going
to start by going through the next five run the base go up the side of this very
first square five mill add four mill that’s going to join the two squares
together and then go down the side of the last five mill from the previous
square and then again through the base to bring that nice square together and
to get those into the right position for the next layer go up the five mill and
through the next four mill on the top ready to do our next layer stage layer
as you can see they starting to build up its up it builds up in the same way but
it’s starting to taper slightly by using smaller beads of the last stage so now
I’m going to be picking up four metal beads and three mill so I’m going to
start with 1/4 mil 1/3 mill and another four mill and then go through the formal
beep that the threads exiting out off in the same direction to firm to form our
first square there we go and then in the same way that we’ve done for the
previous layers go through the next four mill pick up one for mill and one for
three mill they threw down the formula meter bead
from the previous square and the formal that we started with go through the next
four mill and pick up a four mil and a three mil okay down the four mil from
the previous square and through the one we started with do this one more time and we’re now at the final stage where
we’ve joined the two squares together so we’re going to go through the base again
look the side of that first square and I’ll be joining them together at the top
with just one of the four but three millimeter beads something to pick that
up go down the four mill okay through the
form at the bottom up the form at the top the basic shape of the body of our
tree now so you can see it’s all 3d and it’s tapering up nicely and we’ve just
got a few finishing touches to actually turn it into a lovely elegant little
tree decoration here okay so we need to finish off the threads first of all so
to do this I was take these threads underneath the threat in between the
beads where I’m exiting out of one bead and the next bead so just take it
underneath the thread so creating a giant leap
and see that with the thread being so clear and then you take the end of the
thread through the loop to create a small knot and that way you’re creating
you’re tying their really small knot around the thread that is already been
in the pattern and hold it tight before the end give it a bit of a tug and that
will hold in place then you can weave the end of the thread through several
beads always following where the thread is already being rather than taking it
across any patterns and pulling the tension out so I’ll fasten that one off
in the moment and we can do the same with the thread at the very beginning at
the base so now all the ends of us turned off and
I’ve just once I’ve gone through a few of the beads I just trim off the excess
bits so this is now a finished part so the next thing I’m going to do as I’m
going to add the sparkly seed beads in between the zillions on the actual body
of the tree it says to do that I’ve just got a piece of 900 beading thread that
will blend in quite nicely I’m threaded on a beading needle and
first things first I’m just going to tie the thread around the supplements thread
at the bottom at the base I’m just going to take the needle underneath and tie a
really really simple mop gonna leave a little bit of a tail at the end so that
I’ve got enough to rethread the needle on to weave in the ends later that’s a
just make sure that’s nice and tight because the threads have goes down quite
small and it’s not about them get away with a double knot and it won’t look too
bulky so now that’s attached I’m going to pick up one size eleven silver lined
gold seed bead so these are a perfect size and color for Christmas tree I’m
picking one up and I’m going to go up the six nozzoli in at the base so I’m
not going to sit nicely at the bottom they’re sparkling away then pick up
another one go through the next bead so that one will be a 5 mil then another
which will be a pick up another seed bead and go through the next bead
upwards which will be the 4 mil now so you’re just adding rows of size 11 beads
in lines filling in the gaps in between the squares of zillions and to work your
way across I’m just going to go through the 3 millimeter bead at the top pick up
a new size 11 seed bead go down the formula me to be that was proving a little tricky cuz
it’s where I tied my knots but it’s come through now and pick up another one go through the
five milk and another go through the six mill and
another and this time we’re getting the six not the bottom and going round to
the next row next column should I say and I will do the same again and just
keep going round in the same way until you’ve got one seed bead sat in each of
the little gaps you once you’ve gone all the way around you
can see all the sparkly gold seed beads sat nicely in between all the zillions
and do the same as we did with this of Max threads where you just fasten off
tanks will not around the thread and then weave some of the threads through a
few beads before trimming off the excess okay so now it’s getting closer to our
finished item so all I need to do now is actually assemble the tree so I’ve got a
gold-plated head pin here and a six millimeter light
Siam sort of acute bead I’m gonna thread that on first then go through the center
of the tree popping out to the top bag and then just to finish the top off
nicely I’m going to add one more four millimeter green emerald zillion bead just creates quite a nice point to the
top of the tree followed by a six millimeter golden
shadow zillion bead which acts as a really nice star shape on top and then
all we need to do now is create a loop a tricky bit for this I found is actually
holding everything you don’t want to squish the tree down too much so that
it’s really rigid but equally you don’t want it to be moving around too much so
you have to have a steady grip on it and then create a loop with round nose
pliers just above the six millimeter bead at the top but more information
about making loops we have got a festive earring video which shows you exactly
how to make loops and might provide you with some more inspiration as well so
once closed loops trim off that excess bit of wire and we give of our finished
decoration and that will look really effective hanging on from a tree
for a very very elaborate pair earrings okay the list of ingredients for
everything that I’ve used for these is below and we’re also going to be
providing and as their kit so you’ll be able to buy all the beads and the
instructions ready to make your ring

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  1. I like the video. Your voice sounds lovely and happy. I like that. You made it very simple for us beginners. Thank you and Merry Christmas my dear.

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