How to make your T-shirt, step by step finish T-shirt in 2 Hour less. (Pattern + worksheet included)

hello everyone thank you for joining the T-shirt workshop is going to be a lot of fun okay then if you are the first time joining the my workshop my name’s Ruby going to see you guys in here if you just joined live please comment on th below letting me know you guys can […]

How to crochet a Basket weave stitch hat (Basketweave) Step-by-Step Video tutorial crocheting

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Machine Embroidery – How to download and save a pattern

Hello. This is If you have an embroidery machine you may have questions about how to download patterns from the internet for use on your embroidery machine. I will show you how to download the patterns and suggest how to organize them on your computer. I’m using a Windows 7 computer but the procedure […]