Tenara® Lifetime Guaranteed Thread

Hi, I’m Eric Grant from Sailrite and this
is Tenara Thread. Gore Tenara Thread features a unique fluoropolymer
fiber construction that extends the life of fabric seams. With excellent strength and
durability, Tenara thread is proven to be unaffected by UV rays, cleaning agents, pollution,
saltwater, air, rain and snow. This thread is great for outdoor, awning,
and marine applications because it will not rot and colors stay true even if left outside
all year round. Although Tenara Thread is more expensive than polyester threads, it
provides the greater value when you consider the lifespan of your stitching and projects. Tenara thread comes in two sizes: standard
and heavy. The standard size is a similar weight to V-92, and the Heavy is comparable
to V-138. Both sizes require some basic sewing machine adjustments for sewing. For example,
standard Tenara thread usually requires more upper tension than polyester thread and should
be sewn with a smaller than normal needle, like a #14 or #16 size. On the other hand
Heavy Tenara thread may require a larger size #20 needle and even more upper tension. Tenara Thread in both standard & heavy sizes
are both available in a variety of colors at Sailrite.com.

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