99 thoughts on “The Run Braid Combo | Hairstyles for Sports

  1. This hair style is really easy! Im not that good a French braiding sometimes so mine looked a little weird cuz most of my hair was in the French braid, but this is  really easy to learn!

  2. hi, i've been searching for you guys on facebook but there is no result for it same with" Brooklyn  and Baily but still no result for it. please tell me your account…. thank you for it

  3. if u use this hair style all day how does it look after school like could u then sleep in it and then have wavy hair the next day or is it to messy xx P.S love ur vids please do more XXXXXXX

  4. I go to dance so this hairstyle is super super awesome. Plus its not hard to do.
    P.S. Mindy I love your hair, its so pretty!!

  5. What is the name of the hair wax that you use, and where can I find it?? Love your videos, use them on my stepdaughter ALL the time! I have a baby girl on the way, so now I'll have 2 girls to do cute hairstyles on 🙂 Keep it up!

  6. I love u guys soo much!! You have the best hairstyles ever and I tried doing most of them but it hard to do it on myself but I love u guys sooo much!!!

  7. Thank You! I love it so much except the ones that you say that I can self do, I'm having hard time doing it, do you have any advice to help me?

  8. Did you get a Instagram from Kelsey Floyd and her braid pic for Hump Day if so can you show me (us) how to do it before this Saturday please and thanx 😀

  9. Can you do a Camp hairstyle series, cause when I go to camp i always have my hair in a ponytail but i wan to spice it up. Thanks! 💋-Nat! 😘 ilysm!!!

  10. i would like to know what product do u use i could read is something about hair play, but which one and where i can buy them ty

  11. +cutegirlshairstyles can u plz do hairstyles on thin hair??!!!! Because I have thickish hair and my older sister has medium hair and my younger sister who I am currently doing hairstyles for basketball has thin hair. I'm not good on myself but on other people I'm pretty good. So I do her hair for basketball in cute braids but there sometimes isn't enough hair. PLZ help me !!!!

  12. Pls do a video of how to keep ur ponytail centered because when I do a high ponytail it goes to the right or the left

  13. Okay. Im terrible with these types of hairstyles because my hair isn't as long as hers!! And I'm so annoyed :c

  14. This is very beautiful!! I did this for my friends birthday party and everyone thought it was the cutest!! Thank you so much!!😀😀

  15. When I do French braid on my daughter s' hair, while addinghair fromm sides its not as neat as u do, mine gets lil messy n hair comes in u shape, its not neat….plz suggest what to do??

  16. So I sit on judo, but I have the same hair as Paisley so I can not do that 😭😭 do you know something for me (us if more people have the same problem as me)

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