The Thread 404: The Unique Technique

The Thread 404: The Unique Technique

– Hey Threadheads.We’re taking you on
one unique ride todayand we’re doing it at the most
unique place in Saint Louis,City Museum.♪ Good mornin’ family ♪♪ It’s time to hit the streets♪ I’ve got good news today ♪♪ It’s time to be the change♪ Hey hey, hey hey hey hey♪ It’s time to stand up♪ Get up♪ ‘Cause it’s time
to Thread Up ♪From the mind of Bob Cassilly
comes this amazing place.If you haven’t been,
you gotta check it out.– Hey, good to
see you again Tim.– Good to see you Rick.– I’ve got all sorts
of stuff to show you.– Let’s go.(upbeat cheerful music)– [Rick] City Museum to me
is an evolving sculpture.It’s basically a work of
art with playground aspects.This is recycled material,
built over and over againto cause play between
family and friends.You usually hear screams
when people come in.Or you’ll hear “better
than Disney World”,which always feels good.Or, “my favorite
location”, so that’s great.So Bob’s goal, and
what he always said,if he had a mission statement,it was gonna be “we
seek the white whale,“we seek the
impossible,” you know,and that’s what we’re doing.We’re just trying to push
the boundaries of play.I just want people to
come have a good timeand spend time
with their familiesand the great thing
about City Museumis you interact
with other people.You might get stuck in a tunneland you may not know
the man in front of youbut you’re gonna need his help.The conversation was,
“have you been there,“did you see this?”and then people start to realizethat they’ve missed something
and they’ve got to go backor that guest will take
them and show them.So you have to interact
with people you don’t knowand I think that’s great.– Rick, the castle
is awesome, man.– The castle is cool,
but check this out.These are train wheels
turned on their sideto build a spiral staircaseto access this slide right here.– [Tim] What, are
you kidding me?– [Rick] That’s
what the guys do.– I’m so checking this out.Oh man, this is awesome.I mean seriously,who would have thought you
could take train wheels,put them on their sideand turn them into
a spiral staircase?But then again,who would have thought
you could bless peoplein such a powerful
way through fast food?(upbeat cheerful music)– Hi Jamie, how do I look?Ready for action.– Alright, and here’s
you name tag right here,you’re gonna put
it on your shirt.– Does it go on this side?– Yep.
– Oh right here.– [Jamie] And what’s missing?– And you got a really cool hat.I wish I had a hat like that.– I got a hat just for you.Just for you, you can wear it.– It weighs more than I do.How do I look?
– You look wonderful.– He is the face of
McDonald’s in Ellisville.He sets the culture
here, he’s always happy,he brings everybody else up.– Jamie is definitely
a local treasure here.Everybody that knows
Jamie loves Jamie.– I am training.Yeah, Jamie’s
showing me the ropes.– Well you got… Jamie’s
a legend in Ellisville.– 29 years.
– 29 years.– I’ve been here about
29 minutes. (laughter)– With his disabilities,
he should be a wallflowerand he’s anything but.– I think about all
of my customers.That’s what I love, caring about
my customers every morning.I don’t think
about money at all.– He does know every customer
that walks in the door.He knows their kids,
their grandkids.– I have a lot of loyal
customers that come here,that keep bringing
me pins for my hat.I have 12 hats full
of pins right now.– [Tim] 12 hats?– This one has 292 pins
on this hat right now.The one you have is
55 pins right now.The customers go on their tripsand give them to
me or they buy it,or the manager rewards
me pins a couple times.They give me pins, I
keep adding to my pins.– Christmas time, you want
to know how much he’s loved.People bring in gift
certificates, presents.I mean, he’ll walk outwith a box full of stuff
during Christmas time.– These customers gave me
my very own bobble head.– You’ve got your
own bobble head?– Yep, I got my own bobble head.– [Tim] What does it mean to youwhen someone comes and gives
you something like that?– What it means to me,they love me a lot
and I love them back.– He has profound hearing loss.He didn’t let his
disabilities get in his way.He’s gregarious, you
don’t turn him offand I think his persistence
got him where he is today.– [Tim] You’re
serving food here,but he’s serving more
than that, isn’t he?– He’s serving smiles,
like he likes to say.– You always have to
smile, so if you smile,it makes them want to
come back and come here.If you don’t smile, they
don’t want to go come back,so that’s why I like to
smile at them all the time.– [Tim] Do you ever
have a bad day at work?– A couple of times I do,but when I do, I think about
customers and it helps me.I know I can make
it through the day.Thank you for coming,
have a great day.– I don’t know, it’s
something about him.He brings out the happiness
in people, so that’s good.– [Tim] Can you imagine
McDonald’s Ellisville
without Jamie?– I could, but I
wouldn’t want to.He’s just, he makes it fun.– Oh man, is Jamie
amazing or what?He’s been making people smileat that McDonald’s for 29 years!Making people smile,just like these spun chairs
by Thomas Heatherwick.Pretty awesome, right?Hey, I got another ministrythat’s in the food
service businessin a totally different way.We’re talking about
Brenden’s Backpacks.(cheerful music)– We started our
brand back in 2011when Brendan was
at the point wherehe needed an Eagle
Scout project in Scouts.– We were in the
Smokey Mountains.We were coming home from
the Smokey Mountainsand we were somewhere
in Kentucky.– We kept hearing on the radio,bring food for Friday Backpacks,so I came home and we
googled Friday Backpacks,and we came up with the
University of Kentucky,so I called them to find outexactly what a
Friday Backpack was.– And then we went to the
social workers and say,do we really need this?– [Woman] And everybody
that I talked to,all my teacher friends said yes,this would definitely be a need.– [Brendan] We started with
four kids at Windsor Districtand then we’re at
70 schools now.We serve around 1300,
1400 kids a week.– These kids have what we
call food insecurities.They don’t know where their
next meal is coming from,they don’t know where
they’re gonna live tomorrow,they don’t know who they’re
gonna be living with tomorrow.As a child, the first thing
that you do after school,you can ask any child
and they’re gonna say,“I go home and I
go to the pantry,“I see what there is
to eat in the pantry.”Well, these children
don’t have that option.They get free
breakfasts and lunchthroughout the week at school,and then they go
home to nothing.They have no food at home.Either they have
no parents at homeor their parents
don’t have the money.– Every week, the numbers
go up, every week.When there’s a school
that goes down,there’s always a
school that goes up.– I heard about what they
were doing in my own communityand something just told
me that I needed to go.The next week I showed up, and
I’ve been there ever since.It’s where I found my purpose.These kids and feeding these
hungry kids in our communityhas become part of my purpose.– On Tuesdays, it’s the day
that we pack all the backpacks.That’s when all of
our volunteers come inand we pack all the backpacksso we make sure they have
enough food for the weekend.They have breakfast,
lunch, snacks.The food comes from donations,the food comes from
individuals, churches.We have food drives
more than anything.We purchase all the cans,we purchase from
Aldi every week.We spend at least $1600
a week on canned food,on your soups and
your pastas from Aldi.We rely a lot on Facebook,so people can know
what the need is,so people can drop
off the items.We have different
drop off locations.The greatest need
would be breakfast,as far as Pop Tarts,
breakfast bars, oatmeal.Single serve items.After it’s all
packed on Tuesday,the drivers come in
on different days,depending on which
day they deliverand this is all anonymous.We do not know anybody’s names.We just know a number
at a school district.– It’s an Eagle Scout project
that really keeps on goingand keeps on giving, and
that’s rare, I think,for something to
go on for so longand grow to be so much biggerthan he even imagined back then.– New volunteer in the house!Newbie.All right, this I’m
going beefaroni.– You do whatever your
little heart desires.– Chicken noodle, tomato, bam.Look at that.– Now we’re gonna start
on a different school.– Look at that, I
finished that school.How about that?
(laughter)– Brenden, you’re
the logistics.I’m just the muscle.– Hopefully we get to keep
feeding these hungry kidsbecause, like I said, otherwise
there’d be nothing for them.– Is that a great
ministry or what?Unique, right?And to think it all started
with an Eagle Scout projectand now look how many
folks they’re feeding.You know what else is unique?This structure right here at
City Museum, check it out.All of this was built to
accommodate that little door.You ever wonder what’s on the
other side of the little door?Come on, you know you do, I do.We’re gonna check it out.I’ll see you on the
other side. (laughs)Ooh, yeah.– Our first mission is
bringing glory to God.That’s why we’re here.We have a talent, it just
happens to be banking.– So M1 Bank is
banking on a mission,fueled by the power of purpose.– [Ken] It gets to
a point in your lifewhere you’ve got to live it
every day, not just believe it.– [Stephanie] I’m believing
that this is going to catch onand we’re all
going to Thread Up.– [Ken] For us in our house,this is how we’re going to
serve the Lord and his purpose,and we’re gonna do it through
the financial institutionthat happens to
be called M1 Bank.– Hey friends, let’s be honest.Nobody knows what
the future holdsbut we all know what we want
our future to look like.Lower taxes, guaranteed
income, financial stability.Sound pretty good?Now, all you have to
do is call an attorney,an insurance agent, a money
manager and a tax advisoror you can call the one placethat has it all under one roof.Our friends at Circle
of Advisors Securus.In 20 years, not a single
client has lost even a dimedue to market volatility.They’ve walked with The
Thread since day oneto help secure our future,and they’ll do the
same for you too.– Hey, Thread heads!You no doubt know Don Brown.– Don Brown Chevrolet.Don Brown Chevrolet.Don Brown Chevrolet.– And you probably know that Donhas a flair for fashion
and a knack for cars,but he also has a
heart for people.– I learned from my
father a long time ago.It’s not about one person, it’s
about the entire community.It is a car business, but
it’s a people business.It’s about the people.It’s not about the products,
it’s about the people.– If you’re in the
market for a car,come to Don Brown,where it’s people over process.– And we’re proud to be
part of the Thread family,and we’d love to be
part of your family.– Ho-ho! What’s on the other
side of the little door?Ooh! He-he-he, yeah!We got lights, glass, metal.Welcome back to the Thread.Hey, we told you,
this whole structurewas inspired by
that little door.Pretty cool, right?These are pans from Hostess.I love that!Hey, we’ve got
another cool ministrythat was built for
a-whole-nother purposethan any knowledge or know-howin the business
they were starting.It was all for a
much bigger need.(light music)– Sacred Groundz is a company
that makes great coffee,hiring people with
mental disabilities,so we can give the
community a chanceto see what they are
capable of doing.My son is Josh and
he’s 28 years old.He has Down’s syndrome.And he’s been a blessing to our
family and to the community.He loves people.So our motivation for thiswas our son and his friends.We see them go out and get
jobs in different places.And almost every time
that they do thatthey end up being put
back in the backroom,doing jobs that they don’t
necessarily want to do.My son for example,
he always wantedto run the cash register.No one will let him run a
cash register in a restaurant.We decided that
he is very capableof running a cash registerand we’ve made that
possible through this truck.In the mornings he’s excitedabout getting up
and going to work.He’ll volunteer in the truckeven when he’s not
scheduled to work.We have four employees.And for every employee we have,we have one volunteer
that’s workingwith those people in the truck.They are actually
being baristas.They are making drinks,
completely inside it.– I… serving all the drinks,and being with all these people.They’re very nice.– Yeah, I make drinks.Coffee, frozen
lemonades, ice lattes.– The drinks here
are really good.They’re always made
really quickly too,and they’re fresh.– They’re so good,
and it’s so coolhow good they are from
like a truck like this.Like it’s almost better
than Starbucks (laughs).– [Host] How does
that make you feel?– It makes me feel great.If they’re happy, I’m happy.– [Founder] We never
had a coffee shop.Had no interest in
coffee other thanjust pouring a cup out
of your Keurig machine.And we started talking
with our pastor,and he was thinking about
starting a coffee ministry,and the bells went off,and it’s like talk about
a perfect opportunity.So with three
months, we were ableto get the design and
everything together.And in five months,
build the truck,have everything ready to
go and out and working.The money is not
important for these guys.It’s not about just the
opportunity to work,it’s the opportunity
to be involvedwith the community and
the people around him.– I like enjoying working
for Sacred Groundz Coffee.– [Host] What do you
like about working here?– I like making people happy.– I like to smile and
all kinds of things.– [Host] Do you like to
see other people smile?– Yes.– [Host] What is it about
somebody else smilingthat makes you smile?– I don’t know.– [Host] (Laughs) It
just does, doesn’t it?– Yeah. It just makes me happy.– [Founder] Lutheran
High doesn’t havea community of people
with mental disabilities,and they’re getting a chance
to interact with these kids,and experience the
love that they havefor the people around them.– This is like a
break from my day,and seeing them so
happy, it inspires meto want to go to my job and
do a better job actually.– It’s really like
inspiring to seebecause we always complain
we don’t wanna work,but like these people do it
with a smile at all times,and they’re always
happy to be here,which kind of inspires
us to do the same.– I just get up
bright and early.Just making people happyand just come up and
get some coffees.– [Host] It’s what you do!– Yep.Boom! Love it!– I love that story,and I love the
creative nature of it.Because it’s not something
they knew how to do,it’s just something they knewwould fill a need
they knew they had.That’s creativity at work.Oh, Rick!You got a pinball
arcade in here as well?– We do.45 inches pinball
machines, 25 cents a piece.– Just a quarter to play?– Old school prices.– (Laughs) I love it!Hey, you know, I got a
game that you can play.– Really?– It’s gonna require you
answering some questions.(upbeat music)We’re at City Museum and
it’s time for the Hot Seat!(crowd cheers and claps)We’ve got Rick Erwin
in the Hot Seat,all his friends surrounding him.You ready to go, Rick?– I’m ready, let’s do this.– All right, here’s
the category.It is Museum, City
Museum or Amusement Park.I will name some items,
you tell me whetherthey’re found in museums, City
Museum, or amusement park.You ready to go?– Let’s do it.– All right, here we go.The clock will start when
I ask the first question.Slides in caves?– City Museum.– Yeah!(crowd cheers)Turkey legs?– Amusement park.– Yeah! Absolutely!(crowd cheers)Kind of a standard.Pumpkins flying out of windows?– City Museum!– City Museum! Yeah!(crowd cheers)A pinball arcade?– City Museum!– Yeah!(crowd cheers and claps)Cool stuff you can’t touch?– Museum.– Museum!(crowd claps and cheers)Cool stuff you can climb on?– City Museum.– Yeah! Absolutely!(crowd claps and cheers)It has a circus inside of
it, are you kidding me?– City Museum?– Yeah! City Museum!(crowd cheers and claps)The world’s largest underpants?– City Museum.– City Museum!(crowd cheers and claps)Depending on the ride
at the amusement park,it may be world’s
dirtiest underpants,I’m just saying.(woman laughs)And lastly, this is
the wackiest wildestmost unique place in St. Louis.– [All] City Museum!– [Host] City Museum!(crowd claps and cheers)Hey, guess what, Rick?You just conquered
the Hot Seat! (claps)Right here on the Thread.(crowd claps and cheers)Woo! Nicely done.They do have the underpants too.I’ve seen them.(upbeat music)– We are absolutely
scorching some dealslike you’ll never believe,
here, this Black Friday.Get ready, cause
it’s coming to you.– What?Our time’s almost
up together already?You mean I gotta wait
til next Saturday?That’s way too long.We gotta catch up
during the week.I gotta great idea.Hey, why don’t you follow
us on social media?Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.You know, we got content
that doesn’t actuallyfit on our 30
minute show, right?And we’re adding new
messages all the time.So follow us, Facebook,
Twitter and Instagram.It’s our way to keep up with
you throughout the week!And we can Thread
up all week long.Follow us, Facebook,
Twitter, Instagram.See you soon.(upbeat music)– Welcome, here at the Black
Friday shoot for Stash Home.We will be showing you some
sneak peeks, so stay tuned.(whistling)– Hey Kelly!
– Hey Tim.Are you ready to meet this
week’s USA Mortgage Changemaker?– You know I am.
– [Kelly] Come on!– Alright Doug, tell me how
you’re changing your community.– So about 10 or 12 years ago,I started the
Midwest Wingfest Incand we did it to raise moneyfor combat wounded
and fallen soldiers.So we’ve grown from just an ideato about 40000 people
that come out every year.It is quite amazing.We’ve got five live bands,we’ve got 25 different
food vendors.– [Tim] How does
it make you feelto be a part of
something like this?– You know, it’s amazing.Every year when we seethe fun everybody’s
having, that’s hugebut when we take
Purple Heart recipientsor Gold Star families out to
Ohio for the Warrior Weekendand we see the
healing, and the funand everything that
takes place, man.You just have to see it.– [Tim] Why is it important
to invest in the community?– I think that a
whole lot of peoplespend a lot of time talking
about what they don’t likeor what they wish
things were more likeand I think if you want it
to be better, make it better.– [Tim] Wow Kelly,
another great story.– Absolutely.There’ll be another
one next episode.– Until then, you
find your unique wayto become a change maker.Welcome back to The Thread.You know, you can’t
come to City Museumand not check out the caves.Rick, these are amazing.– These are.Bob built these in 2002,there are miles of
tunnels above us,around us, below us, everywhere.– And miles and
miles of eye candy.There’s so much to see here.– After 13 years, I’m
still finding thingsI’ve never seen before.– You know, after three years
plus of doing The Thread,I’m still finding ministries
that I didn’t know existed.In fact, I’ve got one for youthat meets a need you may
not have even been aware ofand does so in a waythat you may have
never thought valuable.(uplifting music)– Newborns In Need
was started in 1992by a lady who was
shocked to find outthat babies were going
home from the hospitalwith nothing more
than a diaper on.They didn’t have warm clothing,
they didn’t have blankets.This was totally
unacceptable to her,and so she set out in her
kitchen to do something about itand from that, it’s grown into
a nationwide organization.We provide items for premature,
sick and needy babies.We knit, crochet, sew, quilt.We make hats, blankets,
sweaters, booties,anything a baby might need.We contact agencies and
we look for the un-servedor underserved
agencies in the areaand we contact them and
ask them specifically,what can we help you with?And we build a profile for
each agency and go with that.– How wonderful.A place where I can
do what I want to doand create something,and give it to someone
who will actually use itand enjoy it, and value it.– I was in IT and was laid
off and my daughter said “Mom,“here’s an article in the
paper about Newborns In Need.“You like babies,
you like to knit,“maybe you’d like to
do something for them.”This is pretty much my life now.I got into this primarilybecause I needed
to give back to Godfor the blessings
that I have received.– It’s so easy when you get
to be older and you retireto feel like you have
no value to anybody,to feel like you’re
useless in this life,so to find a purpose
is wonderful.– I got started after
the loss of our daughter.12 years ago she passed awayof a genetic condition
at five months old.I was googling
online for somewhereto donate a wedding dress to,and that’s how I
stumbled upon them.We collect our wedding dresses
to make bereavement items,we do gowns, also for the boys
we do little suits for them.Also, fetal demise packetsand also we do
some gowns as wellto give to the hospitals
that are within the area.– Babies who would lose
their fight for lifemight be buried in a paper bag.– We have a couple
of our volunteersthat cut down the wedding
dresses and take them apart,and then we use those to
make our bereavement itemsfor the hospitals.We do have a few of
our other membersthat have lost children as well,so it was nice to
have somebody elsethat’s gone through
the same thing as well.– It gave me an instant
group, community to belong toand to share with common
values, common goals.– There’s more
babies that need helpand I wish we could
serve every one of themand we’re not going to be able
to but we can do something.We focus on what we can
do, not what we can’t do.– I love that ministry and
I love what she said there.She just said, “we don’t
think about what we can’t do,“we just think about
what we can do.”They’re not trying
to do it all at once,just doing the next step,
serving the next child.Knitting the next hat, blanket.Just serving those
people in a powerful wayjust through what
they already do.They have a passion for
knitting, for sewingand they’re able to use that
in a way to bless other people.You know, in Genesis 1:27,
the Scripture tells usthat “God created
man in his own image,“in the image of
God he created him,“male and female
he created them.”And then in verse 28,it says “go, be
fruitful and multiply.”And yeah sure, that means
go have a lot of kidsbut it means more than that.It means, multiply my image.You’re my image bearer,
now bear my image here,bear it there, bear
it all over the world.Multiply my image bearersso that my image is born
throughout the world.Not everybody’s going
to the same placeor running in the same lane,but just bloom right
where you’re planted.I mean, look at
Brenden’s Backpacks.Started off as just
an Eagle Scout projectand look what it’s turned into.A ministry that’s serving
so many on a regular basis.He stepped to a need
and then it just grewinto this bigger,
bigger mission.How about Jamie at McDonald’s?Man, you work at a
fast food restaurant,what are you gonna do?I’m gonna bless everybody
that walks in that door,I’m gonna greet
them with a smileand I’m gonna make their day,and they’re gonna remember it,and they’re gonna come back
again, and again, and againbecause I greeted
them with a smile,because I showed them I cared.Because I cared about
the pets that they had,I cared about the
lives that they led,so much so that they bring
me gifts on a regular basisbecause that smile
meant so much to them.Sacred Groundz.They were just looking for
a way to employ their sonand his friends in a way that
gave them honor and dignity.They didn’t know a
thing about coffee,but they knew this
was a way to do it,so they just did it,
and God provided a way.By them stepping to the need,he just provided a
way for it to happenand now they’re serving
on a regular basisand look who’s
being served in it.Not only those who are
working Sacred Groundz,working the truck, those
who are receiving itand the community that’s
created through it.You heard those high
school students, man,it makes their day.I mean, this is what
we’re called to doand look, when I was
called to seminaryI thought God was preparing
me to be a pastor of a church,four walls and a steeple,but what I quickly learned
was he was preparing meto do ministry
right where I was.He said you know that platformI gave you on
television for 16 years?I’m sending you back thereand you’re gonna
speak for me now.It’s not about a
certain destination,the journey is the destination.We’re supposed to
minister along the way.To touch the lives of every
person who crosses our path,right where we are.Bloom where you’re planted.So where are you today?Where are you right now?That’s your mission field.Where are you going today?That’s your mission field.That’s your path that
he’s laid out for youand all he’s saying is
love God, love people.“Love others as
I have loved you,“and go out and bless them,
and shine the light on them“that I have blessed you with.”We have received such a
powerful gift in Jesus Christ.He paid the price for our sins,that we would have
everlasting life with him.Joy, “the joy of the
Lord be our strength”and let’s go out and
share with others.That brings us to the end.But not the end, you know
what I’m talking about.Two filet, one basket fry.
– Good job!– Bacon, egg and cheese biscuit.Oh yeah, I have
to put it in here.Okay, may I take
your order please?Welcome to McDonald’s,I forgot to say
welcome to McDonald’s.– [Narrator] Spot
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  1. From our National President, Connie Edwards:

    " Very proud of our Eastern Missouri Chapter for so many reasons. But what a wonderful story shared here in this segment. Watch about half way through the segment (about 20 minutes) and see Chapter President and National Board Member Judy Giovanni share our organization's mission. Thank you to the volunteers that shared their personal stories." Segment of the Thread, filmed by Fox2Now in St. Louis, Missouri.

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