The Three Twist Braid Updo By SweetHearts Hair

Hi Everyone! It’s Beth from SweetHearts Hair Design and i’m here today with my hair model Eleanor. Okay, so i thought wedding season is coming up soon. You’re always trying to think of quick and easy styles you can do before you go to a wedding or if you are in the wedding and you’ve got to do your own hair. So i’m going to show you a really, really quick style. It’s called the Twist Braid Updo. And it should only take between five and ten minutes to do! I hope you like our video and if you do you can like and comment and also subscribe by clicking the bottom right hand side of your screen. Okay so what I’m going to do is put a really quick curl to Eleanor’s hair. So you can use your straightening irons, wand, tongues…whatever you want. You don’t need much of a curl but just a little bit at the ends. I am going to be using my Hot Tools curl bar. I’m in love with this as a minute because you don’t have to sort of keep your hand at an angle, when you’re curling. So it’s great! So a nice, rough curl gone through her hair. I’m just going to spray a bit of dry shampoo. Just on the roots and just through it. And now i’m just going to spray a little bit of clay spray. Just to give a little bit of texture to her hair. I’m going to put a tiny bit of volume in the top here. So grab section of hair. Hold it up, get your comb, a couple of little combs down, and next section do the same. Next you’re going to divide this hair into three and do three low pony tails. So next I’m just going to use my fingers and this bit is just personal preference now. Just to give a little bit of volume… Abit of texture to the style. Okay so next you’re going to do three twist braids and twists braids are really easy. It’s just two strands of hair like that, so break it into two and then hold it with your left hand. This finger comes forward so you’ve got like a pincer now. On the right hand you twizzle it round your finger and cross it over. Next what I want you to do is sort of like puff these out, so literally take your fingers and pull at them. Make them big and messy. Okay so i’ve pulled these twist braids out, made them all big and messy. I’m going to get the left twist braid and i’m going to take it over the middle. I’m going to pin it up here. And when you pin with these grips, okay you don’t need to open them, you’re just going to slide it in one way and then back in on itself, like that. Then you’re going to take the one on the right and you’re going to bring it up and over the one on the left, and pin that. Next I’m just going to pin these two side bits underneath. And then this final twist braid, i’m kind of going to take it left first and pin it. And then bring it along the bottom and pin it on this side. Okay, so that’s the style finished guys. I love it! You can cut down on the time by not curling at the start. You can also mix it up, have some bits down, have more volume coming through the top. But i just kind of wanted to show you the basic version. I’m going to give her a spin so you get an idea of what it looks like all the way round. So i’m just going to turn you there Eleanor! So I think it looks like there is lots of detail but as we know, it’s really easy! Just pin it up. All the way… back round again. There we go! Thank you so much for watching guys and don’t forget you can find me on Instagram @sweethearts_hair_design

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