32 thoughts on “The Twist Braid Combo | Cute Hairstyles

  1. I can't get it😭 it's so hard for me I love this one and I can't do it😓 but I will keep on trying☺️ love this channel so much❤️

  2. Is camry and Brooklyn and baliey all real sisters or not?? Cuz the other kids are black just couriis question and beauitful braid

  3. This is beautiful… I have watched it like 10 times trying to get my hands right. lol It seems difficult for some reason.. yet you make it look so simple.. have a great Sunday

  4. This is very, very beautiful!! I tried this for a family reunion and my cousin thought it was super cute! You HAVE Two new subscribers! !😀😀

  5. she doesn't need mascara if she already has great lashes! we're blessed w/ great long lashes lol (though i personally always liked eyeshadows)

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