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Hello everyone. My name is Crow_Se7en.
Welcome to Garry’s Mod The map called The Village part 3. Say hello
to Kenny Kenny: Let’s start Of course, I can see the rule over there Kenny: Too far Ok, we picked English Look Kenny: Finally, the sun rises Kenny: Does anyone need coffee? Coffee, anyone? Where is this place? Kenny: I don’t know This is kinda a different place, not like the church
or the farm Kenny: Yeah Kenny: Sorry for interrupting UFO! Kenny: Knock knock Damn Do it again. Go again Kenny: This is a nice place It’s kinda weird because this place inside is like tall Kenny: Yeah Kenny & C7: Food Kenny: Do you want food? Kenny: Do you want the rice?
C7: This is a bedroom Where? Oh Same shit from the map part one. Ok Do we have to put it in the microwave like what
we did in the first map? Kenny: I don’t know Kenny: Right here Kenny: This way. Over here Oh, there you are Is it ready? Kenny: Eat it! Food Oh, this is the bathroom I can’t see. There is no light Kenny: Satisfied Kenny: We’re deaf!
C7: The radio Kenny: What does it say? Where are the tissue and lotion? Wait. There are two doors Did you lock it? Kenny: Yeah Kenny: Enjoy the dirty stuff on it Game over! Game Over! Oh… Why me? Why am I sitting? Good night There is another bed! The bulk bed! It’s hard to see Wind! Kenny: Noise. We can’t hear it anyway Kenny: Now what?
C7: Look! It’s Minecraft What? Kenny: The food spilled
C7: It said the microwave and clock are wrong Kenny: You spilled the rice Not me Kenny: I don’t know what are we doing now? Kenny: Come over here Kenny: The light changed Right. That’s the light Kenny: Before it was the ceiling light, now it’s under
cabinet light Ok? Kenny: Yeah, the white light switch
C7: Ok? That’s fine. Ok ok ok Kenny: I just picked up the newspaper They’re somewhere here. Look for them Dickbutt, what did you do?! Kenny: I saw the ghost! Kenny: That ghost scared me We have flashlights. Great This is the hell! Don’t look at him. Ok That’s the dead end. Go to a different way Did you open the door? Kenny: Nope Listen better Kenny: Listen better Nothing else Kenny: I guess we entered together Did you touch something? I touched the bottom
door Kenny: I pressed E repeatedly I don’t know. Go to bed Kenny: Fine. We’re back anyway Kenny: Ok, let’s find the papers. What did you do?! It said go to bed Ok fine. Where is the ghost? Where did you see it? Kenny: It was near the windows in the kitchen Ok, where is it? 11 more left Kenny: Come here I’m trying to find the papers Kenny: Come here Kenny: The door. Look at the peephole No thank you Kenny: For your YouTube No! You go first Where did you go? Oh Kenny: WTF Where are you doing? What are you doing?! Stop I guess that’s all Kenny: I see the ghost. Don’t look at it! Ok. Where are you? Kenny: I don’t see the ghost What are you doing? It said go to the PC Kenny: I found it I thought it said go to the PC Kenny: Yeah, I see it Kenny: I followed you!
C7: You! Go away! C7: Stop following me. It wanted you and your dickbutt
Kenny: We ran! Kenny: A different place. What did you do?! Well, I don’t know if they have the papers here Kenny: I guess let’s go back Look! The vent! Come here Kenny: Where? Want to check the other side? I don’t know Wtf Kenny: Nope I can’t even see! Kenny: So bright! Kenny: Can’t escape?
C7: No! Uh I don’t know Kenny: The door is open Where are you? The stairs near the lever Kenny: Wait… Wait… Kenny: Yep, it’s loop Kenny: It’s like RIT’s magical stairs Kenny: I’m gonna try to pull down the lever I don’t know Kenny: Where did it come from?! I don’t know. Let’s try the vent again Go upstairs again Kenny: Did we escape? Yes There! The toilet We’re done. Ok, we’re going to home Kenny: Turn off flashlight These are the windows! Kenny: I can’t jump Common sense! You can’t go through the windows! Kenny: WTF?! I just walked to the different way Kenny: Ok Kenny: Five more papers left, I think Yeah, five or six Kenny: More rice! Four more left Kenny: Do you want to eat the rice? No thank you Where should we go? Where? No no. Where are you? Kenny: No! Don’t look up There is another way Kenny: That’s gross Kenny & C7: We’re finished That’s fine I hope that guy will be okay Kenny: I hope so too Kenny: Oh no. Wtf seriously, what are you doing? C7: Get it?
Kenny: Yeah Seriously Kenny: Seriously, man I can’t open it! Kenny: He is dead Kenny: I guess they left us alone in the bedroom Kenny: Or not Kenny: The car! Kenny: That’s it? Kenny: Come here C7: That’s not a bad idea. The ramp.
Kenny: Yeah Oh, I guess we got this room because we collected
16 papers Ok, this is the end of The Village. No more. No
part 4. Nothing. Just part 1, 2, and 3 Kenny: Finally Finally, it’s over Let’s wrap up. Thank you for watching. Please click
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