TOOLS TO START KNITTING ► Day 1 Absolute Beginner Knitting Series

TOOLS TO START KNITTING ► Day 1 Absolute Beginner Knitting Series

Knitting Tools for Absolute Beginners. Hi, Guys! I’m Kristen and Welcome to Studio Knit. We are starting our Absolute Beginner Knitting Series with Knitting Tools. I thought that the very first place we should start is for
you to know what you need so that you can plan accordingly. Pretty simple. This is what you need. There are four materials you’ll want to have on hand: Yarn, Needles, Scissors, and a Tapestry Needle. So first, yarn. You will soon realize that there are SO MANY yarn choices and deciding which yarns to add to your haul can be half the fun of knitting.
For the purpose of this Series, we are keeping it super simple and will discuss just the
basics about yarn weight, fiber, and even the color in our next lesson. Two, Knitting
Needles. We will be using Straight Knitting Needles in this Series. It’s two identical
knitting needles that are straight like pencils. There’s a variety of Knitting Needle types,
sizes, lengths, and materials and we’ll go all into more detail about this later on Day
3. Three, Scissors. Scissors are probably the easiest item on your list to check off.
Basically, you just need something that cuts yarn. Hey, I’ve even used nail clippers and
my dog’s grooming shears when in a bind. A Tapestry Needle. So, we’ll go way more into greater detail on Day 4. I just want to mention this little item right now, so you’re aware
it’s something you need to add to your knitting haul. Nothing to worry your pretty little
head about right now. We don’t even use it until Week 4 of our Series! And if this Knitting Series has been helpful to you, please LIKE up this video, it really helps me out. Now
that we’ve identified the four items that you need to have before you start knitting,
here is my simple suggestion for what to do next that will help you stay on track. So,
your ACTION ITEM of the Day is: Identify the knitting materials available to you for free.
So, you might already have scissors, get them out of the junk drawer and if you have a family or friend who is a knitter, ask them if they have any knitting tools that they’d be willing to give or lend you. If you’d like more ideas for where to shop for knitting tools, check
out the link to my website. I give more detail there, both regular real world stores in your neighborhood as well as online. And now we get to check off Week One, Tools to Start
Knitting. How easy was that? Okay, so I hope this information about the knitting tools
has been really helpful to you. And if you have questions, go ahead and leave them in the comments below. If you haven’t already, please make sure to click the link so you
are getting the information on the Absolute Beginner Knitting Series directly from me
through my mailing list. And also on YouTube, you’re going to want to SUBSCRIBE and click that BELL so that you receive notifications each time a new video comes out. I’m very excited that you’ve decided to become a knitter. So, I think after this video, you are a knitter! If you’ve made the decision to become one, you’re a knitter. Congratulations! Okay, I’ll
see you next time, guys! Bye!

28 thoughts on “TOOLS TO START KNITTING ► Day 1 Absolute Beginner Knitting Series

  1. Short sweet and to the point all good. I personally would like the music to be a bit lower so I can hear everything Kristine has to say

  2. Even though I know the basics on how to knit…yarn weight is something I havent been educated on. Cant wait for the next episode.

  3. l learnt how to crochet from my mum but yet never learnt how to knit but thanks to YouTube l kind of know how to knit

  4. Well, I already know how to knit, but I'm still sticking around! Isn't that rose bush style background so pretty with all the different shades of pink and green! I reckon I would gradually just pinch one though… haha 🙂

  5. Thank you! This is truly an absolute beginner course. I am an experienced knitter and I am taking this course so that I can scope it out for friends and family who may want to learn to knit! I already know this will be great for my coworker.

  6. I am just a beginner knitter who knows how to knit the basic stitches, and I wasn't intending to be a part of your early squad, but this video makes me consider joining in. 🙂 Thank you. 🙂
    I wonder if there are any substitutes for the tapestry needle? 🙂

  7. Thank you for these vlogs… i want to knit some hats to donate for Christmas 2018… i crochet over 500 last year… this year i just crochet some afghans… but i think knitted hats are warmer and look better… i do Continental knitting

  8. I've decided I want to start knitting. I found your channel and it looks like your. Ideas may be very informative and easy to follow. I look forward to watching the videos and seeing what I can learn!

  9. I have viewed too many beginner knitting videos to even begin to count.  This seems like the best place to be!  Thanks!!!

  10. I hope it is okay that I linked this video series (with Studio Knit's name) to my classes as a helpful resource after students leave my class. Very straight forward and I love that people can go directly to the video they need a reminder on.

  11. I just found your series and I am super excited! I’ve viewed other YouTube channels and have even purchased books and have yet to finish a project after a whole year. My motivation to learn to knit has not changed but I have become quite frustrated until now. I love your step by step approach and finally feel confident that I will finally learn to knit!

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