Two Ways to Add Beads to a Traditional 3-Strand Braid

Two Ways to Add Beads to a Traditional 3-Strand Braid

Hi this is Megan with and I want to show you to add beads to a three strand braid. I’m going to show you two different ways that you can do this and I’m sure there are other
ways to do it but this is two very easy ways the first way I’m going to show you is this
one over here. I did a few so you can see what it looks like this is when you add a bead to the outside every time that you bring
the outside to the center You can have your braid on your strings you can add a bead every time. This will save if you go ahead and put some on the on a string and all you’re gonna do is move a bead
up to the string before you bring it to the
center everytime that is super quick and easy just slide a bead up and bring your string to the center you can see that’s going to give
you this stepped back and forth kind of zip zag look move the bead up and bring your bead to the center bead up and string to the center and make sure that your bead stays to the side and doesn’t
cross this next string to the center with your cord that’s one way of doing it the other way of doing it is putting it on one side or the other every
time you bring it to the center so I have done mine every time I bring
my left string to the center I’ve put a bead up and on this one what I’m doing is actually making sure that
my bead does cross that next cord so that it keeps it nice and separate so your string should go over the left cord into the center and
then put your bead up and then you put the right cord to the center and then with the left cord again cross the center and then add the bead left cord into the center and continue that way and that gives you see that’s what happens if you
don’t put your bead past that left cord. You want to make sure
that it goes past the left cord so that you can get this kind of nice down the middle at an angle enclosed look to your bead and you can do
them also on the right cord going to the center. Either way that’ll just angle to
the other side so it’s two different looks and it’s two
different very easy ways to make a really simple basic braid look a lot fancier

29 thoughts on “Two Ways to Add Beads to a Traditional 3-Strand Braid

  1. How you finish your braid would depend a lot on what kind of thread or cord you are using, and what type of finished project you are making. This technique could be used for any variety of threads or cords and to make countless types of projects. It could be as simple as tying a knot at the end, or you could use crimps or cord end caps, or…there are really no wrong ways to do it as long as your cords are secured.

  2. You could check out our videos on How to Make a Sliding Knot Clasp, How to Use Fancy Crimp Bead Cord Ends, or How to Use Cord End Caps for some ideas.

  3. Using a stiffer cord, something less slippery might help keep your beads in place, although I still don't know whether or not they'd hold up to a baby playing with them 🙂 I would say if they're handled carefully, and you use a less slippery cord (hemp or waxed cotton), you'd probably be okay. You might also try keeping the tension on your braid a little tighter.

  4. first of all, I'd like to say Julie, You are amazing! second this question doesn't have much to do with this video but I'm trying to make a ring bracelet and for the bracelet part i am using nylon thread and glass beads. my problem occurs when i go to braid the 3 strands of beads. i use crimp beads at the end to keeps things from falling apart but to braid them i put them on a medium sized jump ring. when i go to cut of the excess thread it falls apart. what can i do to keep this from happening?

  5. I'm not actually showing a bracelet in this video, it's just to show the technique of how to add beads to a braid. I do have a project tutorial that uses this technique though, so you could check out those instructions for an idea of how to use this technique. It's called the Plum Purple Braided Bracelet, and there is a link to the project in the video description.

  6. This was so easy to follow. Another great DIY page is Mark Montano, I like that this video and his make it so easy to follow along.

  7. I don't see why you couldn't use a rubber cord to make a braid with beads on it. It all depends on what you're trying to make out of it.

  8. I bought the cord #18 like it say here but is not as thick as it looks in this video is as thin as sewing thread, now I cant do anything with the thread.. 🙁

  9. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I keep re watching your video but my cords are getting mixed up. My beads wont align. Can I get some advice? I've been trying to do this for the last week and it's so simple its frustrating me.Let me know thanks. The video was helpful I just don't know what I'm doing wrong.

  10. Do you have a photograph or can you explain in more detail what it is that is happening? I can't really advise you on how to fix it if I don't know what's going wrong. Thanks.

  11. I tried the second one with the beads in the center, they stayed nice until I closed it, now the beads are moving everywhere 🙁

  12. You can get them on Beadaholique . com's website. The links for the supplies in this video are located in the video description underneath this video.

  13. Keep thinking about it there are many things to use it for…one idea is to add beads to the thread or try small macrame' with it. Also you can use it for the ends of loomed or weaved bracelets before you add leather or seude to make it stronger. Trying to help… make earrings and finish with a crimp bead and cover might be cute. I don't know hope you find something and enjoy it.

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