Unzip Machine Embroidery Designs+working with Windows

Unzip Machine Embroidery Designs+working with Windows

Do you find embroidery on windows tend to be confusing and overwhelming at times What about unzipping files and the dreaded ZIPP files from Facebook in this video? I’m going to show you how to download change and unzip files Send them to the zip drive and to your machine watch until the end tip number three We’ll show you how to save time and see your embroidery designs bigger and better but first my intro Number one downloading and renaming files I’m in the oml Embroidery university Facebook group and people have been having trouble downloading files now the reason why we have to upload them with the z IP p as the Extension which by the way, your computer has no idea what it is It’s because facebook doesn’t allow us to upload zip files So just set IP files that your computer understands we could upload Every single format that we usually do but it’s going to become harder and harder as the years go on To find what you’re looking for because there isn’t really a search thing. You can use the search over here, but You know, we we kind of want it to be a little neater and tidier So let me show you guys how to do this so what you do is you click on right here now see original post is handy, but we want to go to download so click on download and you see it downloads right here now normally for zip file you could double click on this and unzip it but for these ones with the z IP p Extension your computer has no idea What does that IP p extension is so we have to do it just a little bit differently So let’s go on to our file explorer now. Here’s the icon and click on it and it shows you all the files in your Computer. So what we’re what we want to go to is this PC or you may have it up here on The shortcut the grate at the top quick access and as right here it goes to your download folder automatically Okay, right here is the file that we just downloaded now it shows a white page because your computer doesn’t know that it’s a zip file the zipper on it is What’s going to show you that it’s a zip file? So we need to change this so that we can unzip it so what you do is you right-click on it and you go down to Rename and you can do the actual name of it But in this case, I’m fine with spring flowers B And all you have to do is go to the end press your backspace key And then press Enter and it says if you change a file name extension the file might become unusable Are you sure you want to change it? I am and look it changes to a zip file that the computer recognizes. That is awesome So double-click on that and it opens it up Now if you double-click on the designs, you can see that they’re all there now You can’t use them yet because you have to extract it Now people don’t necessarily understand this but if you put it into little analogy here It’s like having a jar and you can see what’s in the jar But you can’t use it until you open it. So this is what the extract all does It opens the jar of files so you can have access to them and you can use them. So let’s go to Extract all and this is what you have to do on every zip file Extract all tell it where you want it to be extracted and click extract I Already have it done That’s why it’s saying replace but it’s just opening it up for us and now we can use the designs if you see they have icons so we can actually see what they are and Then you can use them. Ok, so now that we have our files Extracted and we can use them I want to show you guys how to send the files to a zip drive and the machine so this is number two, what you have to do is you’re gonna be looking right here where it says this PC and This is important to know now. Ok. I have a lot in here. You might not have that much, but that’s ok It’ll make it easier for you so this PC is what we’re looking at and I’m gonna plug in my zip drive and you should hear a noise and You that means in and you will see rate here usb-drive G and you can also see it down here – right here USB Drive G now let’s go back to our files and You see it here that it popped up and it’s it can it’s not always going to be G It could be any letter that you have but it’ll pop up as a new Drive. All you have to do is left click hold down and drag It over and drag it over the USB Drive and you can see it automatically opens up So if you wanted to put it in another folder you could but you see the white there it says copy to USB Drive and then you let go and It copies it over and it’s done and now it is on your zip drive. How cool is that? That is so easy to do now the same thing we can do the same thing with our embroidery Machine now. I have my dream machine too plugged into this computer So let me turn it on and you’ll hear the noises of the machine turning on but also my computer recognizing that a new Drive has been activated So you can hear mcdreamy starting you can hear my computer Recognizing it and we know it’s not G because that’s the one that we just did. It’s right there USB Drive N and we can simply use it as You know a drive for the computer and all you have to do it’s the same thing grab the file left click and drag and hold it over and let go and now it’s going to be Sent to your machine now you can’t do this Unless you have your machine plugged into your computer and your computer recognizes it let’s move on to number three So it’s really nice to be able to see the icons like I have Here and it would be nice if they showed up in every single folder Well, I’m gonna show you guys how to do it if you want to change how these look did There’s a lot of options for it You can go to the View tab up here and it brings up a whole Different list of things you can do with the folder So if you want extra large icons, you can click on that medium icons different sizes That one’s quite nice small icons It’s really hard to see you can make it into a list You can put details you can put tiles which I kind of like this one. It’s kind of nice it’s the the medium icons or Content that is nice, too. There’s a lot of Information on it. I happen to like the large icons. Now what happens if you want These large icons to show up on every file folder most people will go into the file and Then change every single one every time you go in but there is an easier way There’s a shortcut to this Set up how you want to see all of your embroidery files and different files on your computer So set it up with you know extra large large I’m gonna leave mine at large and go to options over here click and it says change folder and search options that’s what I want and it brings this up and we want to go to View and it says right here you can apply this view such as details or icons to all folders of this type, which means They’re all going to show up the same way This is an awesome tip and trick to make everything so much easier So apply to folders. Do you want all folders of this type to match this folders view settings? Yes, I do. I absolutely do so click. Yes and click OK and any folder that you go into will have the large icons the large thumbnails if you don’t like it or if you pick extra large and it takes a long time for Everything to rent it render then all you have to do is go and change it to smaller of Smaller pictures will come in faster. So you don’t have to wait. I am perfectly fine with the large icons I don’t bother with the extra-large ones because they do take a while to come in even on my monster computer So large icons, but if you ever get tired of it change it Hopefully you guys will find it a little bit easier to get around in Windows and with your embroidery files, please comment and let me know if this video was helpful and I’ll see you guys in the next video

29 thoughts on “Unzip Machine Embroidery Designs+working with Windows

  1. This is a great video for embroidery beginners and experienced embroiderers too! Unzip files, send files to your USB stick and change how your computer shows you the icons for your embroidery designs – all in one video! 3 things you need to know 🙂

  2. Thank you so much! I was okay with the other ones but that third tip will save me so very much time and frustration. I was so tired of selecting the view I wanted each time and never found how to change it. Your tips are the best. Ceil

  3. On my downloads the icon for my designs just shows the "e" from internet provider that I used for the download. How do you get the design to show? Very helpful video.

  4. thank you for this video. I havent had any problems with the zipp files as some others have had, but decided to watch it any way( I think I am an OML video addict LOL). Soooo Glad I did watch it the final tip about changing all the folders view in one easy click , Fantastic:
    By the way I love your graphics at the beginning bril

  5. Thank you for this video, so helpful – I always get hot under the collar when I need to unzip files. My partner, who is a computer geek (and I don't mean this in a horrible way) just cannot explain things in 'normal' language! This has made the process seem easy, certainly from my point of view, no more 'what can't you understand, I have just told you' any more, (mind you he can't knit, sew, cook, clean or embroider, so who is the hero!)

  6. Thank you for this session. I download a lot of patterns and transfer to machine. I know now why I can never see the preview of files in the thumbnail view. 😉 gotta extract……

  7. Thanks Sue! Extremely helpful video even though I knew some of it already I learned it more thoroughly and will be using these tips regularly!

  8. Love that you showed how to change the view on all files. I've done this in the past but I must have missed a step because it was always hit or miss when I clicked on a folder. Thank you for the video and all you do!

  9. Great video. Yes, this was extremely helpful, especially for those new to machine embroidery and the related computer components.

  10. Thanks Sue, it was very helpful! I was wondering why I could not open some of my files and now thanks to you, I can! Great job.

  11. OMG your a genius Sue. I always had to open my pe basic to see the designs. This is the best video. I can see my designs in the folder yippee I LOVE this video.

  12. What sewing machine are you using to send the files from your computer? Isn’t this wireless?

  13. Great timing for me. I've just started to organize all my designs. I found your info very, very informative. Thanks.

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