Watch a Man Sew Lingerie! Can a Dude Make Underwear? | LIVE SHOW | SEWING REPORT

Watch a Man Sew Lingerie! Can a Dude Make Underwear? | LIVE SHOW | SEWING REPORT

We are live welcome to this live edition of
the Sewing Report. This is a very special episode. Let me tell you why, we have a special guest. His name is James and we are married. Say Hi James. Hi James!
as advertised, james is going to be sewing a pair of this lace underwear. hello to everybody, if you’ve watched the
channel before, you know that I sewed that pair that’s on the mannequin.
and if you’re interested in mannequins, you can also we actually bought this on Amazon. If you are joining us today feel free to let
us know where you’re watching from in the comments, and we will be moderating the comments
and checking them out. If you have any questions for James, show
him some love and feel free to ask some questions or comments. That’s why we do these live shows, is so we
can talk right to you. James is going to be sewing a pair of lace
panties called the Bella Lace Panties and it’s from an Etsy shop called EVIE la LUVE. It’s UK based, they make beautiful things
and he – we thought it would be kind of fun if we bought two kits. I sewed one of them and we thought it would
be fun for James to do the 2nd one in gray lace. We have two sewing machines we’re going to
be working with. We have the Brother 1034D serger and then
we’ve go the EverSewn Sparrow 25. James is actually going to be sewing most
of the underwear on the serger, and then switching to the EverSewn for the fold over elastic. Smash that like button if you want to see
more of James. James is starting off with the crotch piece. Then he’s going to put the pieces together,
and then he’s going to have a pair of women’s underwear. I’m not wearing them, just so you know. No wearing women’s underwear here, if that’s
what you’re into – great. We’re gonna keep it to the mannequins. I have heard that the Baby Lock has that air
threader, so it sort of does it automatically. But I think those machines are like $5,000
or $6,000. I have heard that Baby Locks are like the
gold standard for sergers. Threading the serger hasn’t been as bad as
I’ve heard. Cheaper to buy the underwear indeed. Like that show Orange is the New Black where
they’re all making underwear and not getting paid. That’s a pretty weird sewing-related story
line. A company that was like – inspired by Victoria’s
Secret. Oh and fun fact – James tell everyone where
you worked for a couple of days. Back when I was in college, I told everyone
I could get any job. They said, no you couldn’t
I said, I could get a job at Victoria’s Secret if I wanted to. I went in for an interview, and I was hired
in at Victoria’s Secret on the spot at a dollar an hour more than any other employee. Orange is the New Black, yeah definitely a
lot of stuff in there that’s not in the book at all. Evie La Luve, the designer of these panties,
and the kits where you can buy them from her awesome Etsy shop – she
is here joining us in the live chat which is really cool! I think we had one man in her earlier, thank
you so much for watching. We’re just hanging out and we are sewing women’s
underwear. That’s what couples should do, right? Sew underwear together. Here’s your crotch piece. He’s just going to be putting that fold over
elastic on and that’s it. Then we’re done. He’s doing a great job matching the lace pattern. Yes and that’s called mirroring the lace. Evie la Luve has a great video on how to do
that. depending on what you
like your underwear to look like. You can also do pattern hacks by Evie. You can do this in a fabric and add like, a lace trim on it.

18 thoughts on “Watch a Man Sew Lingerie! Can a Dude Make Underwear? | LIVE SHOW | SEWING REPORT

  1. A hahaha o la la la hubby …… you cannot imagine I laughing to empty walls …..hahaha it's better than Benn hill hahahaha

  2. Jennifer, I was going to revisit the comments section to grab the suggestions Hannah had as far as where to find some of her awesome fabrics but I'm not able to see the comments made during the live feed. If you can access that would you be kind enough to repost her suggested shopping locations? 🌹

  3. You should upgrade to the babylock , it has the air threader, so much easier .
    Love that another guy is sewing …. thank you James ( Creativity has no gender)

  4. Oh no, the controversy! A man at the sewing machine AND touching women's underwear. How dare he? Men shoud stay far away from sewing machines, it diminishes their masculinity. Also, no a dude cannot make underwear. Men are not capeable of making anything that is not steel or wood. Please choose another title the next time.

  5. i think it was nice to see a man sewing . why shouldnt a man sew most are very good at it. good on ya. PS do you ever have a Go Live?

  6. You are very lucky. He seems very nice and besides a sewer. What a plus. I admire men doing stuffs: sewing, knitting, crochet, etc

  7. I have never used a serger before, how does it compare to a regular sewing machine?

    Also something interesting regarding men making lingerie– several years ago I read a book on the history of corsetry. Early on, corsetry was specifically considered men's work because it required a lot of physical strength to cut the whale bones. Before whale bones were commonly used, making a corset from scratch might have required smithing skills as well. (Some of the earliest were made of iron.) When whaling became illegal, corset bones were made from steel. But before then, a major social shift happened– corsetry helped women break into the garment industry. Because there wasn't the standardized patterns and measurements that we use today, fitting someone for a corset involved literally using your hands to get an idea of the size. It was kind of shocking when women wanted to work in the industry and there was push back, until someone asked how many guys would want a strange man having his hands all over their wives (while creating under garments, no less). Different times, different perceptions.

  8. I'm a guy and I just started sewing lingerie for my wife. I love it. Already modified and made several bodysuits and panties. A couple of bralettes also

  9. Back in the 70s when I was in junior high if you took wood shop was mandatory you had to take the other half a year in homak learn how to cook and sew

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