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  1. Apparently everyone forgets that braids where excisting way back to viking era and before. And what is considered a corn row style braid now was used back then. So the whole remaining stuff has occured even within the african community!!! Braids belong to everyone. And who cares the name being used!!!

  2. hair is for everyone, stop segregation… just dont hate your hair.
    afro hair is posh, it need constant care it wants to be spoiled with organic expensive products, hence why i understand why black women hide it, society is not ready for them.

  3. Cultural appropriation is non existent, no one has legal rights to any culture, not in the U.S. anyways. This is just a trending social issue that will be phased out like all popular trends to do. My take away from this video is that this is futile retaliation because of how blacks have been forced to assimilate & conform to white society, so in turn POC are excluding whites from partaking in black dominant cultural trends. Discrimination,racial profiling, etc is still a MAJOR issue in this country that POC still face and it has taken a backseat to illegal immigration, gay rights, transgenderism(fake BS) etc, not sure why this cultural appropriation concern is at the forefront of social issues that black people decided to take a stand against, when there are more pressing matters at hand, priorities please.

  4. Black people are the first one to try to look white , use blonde hair , contact lenses and straighteners , this is the more stupid things ever.

  5. The Celts were usually described as blond, whether naturally or through the use of chalk or lime-water to lighten the hair. … Both men and women wore their hair long, often braided or in curls. Women also wore their braids pinned to the head and also incorporated knots and buns in their hairstyles.


  7. Black people are so desperate for approval lol. Acting like inventing a hairstyle was some big break through in technology. Pathetic.

  8. I used to work w a girl who wanted to put my hair into micro braids, but then she started playing w my hair one day when we had a lunch break at the same time, and when she realized how much hair I actually had, she changed her mind. I’ve had multiple brain surgeries and have lost more than half my hair, and even now, I have to use 2 large scrunchies when I put my hair up, because 1 isn’t strong enough to hold all my hair.


  10. I'm trying to grow my hair without a lot of daily care and damage. I'm considering braids. I don't want them stuck to my head however.

  11. 'Cultural Appropriation' is about shoving neo-Marxist oppression narrative down white people's throats until they feel guilty enough to redistribute all their shit to groups A, B and C.

    You're welcome.

  12. FYI to the person below me, corn rows are just regular three-stranded braids braided straight back in several rows so it doesn't make sense to say corn rows is a black thing but braids aren't and that they are more universal! Let's face it braids were predominantly a black cultural thing because we used the style the most to bind our gravity defying hair. Now "I" (not we) am not bothered by white women like Kim Kardashian wearing braids though, (Edit: I suggest they stop calling them Kim K braids though because their contributing to stripping us from our culture and surely Kim K doesn't want her biracially black children thinking that because when it comes down to it they'll be supported by blacks more than whites like Halle Berry because they don't look white passing 😂), because we wear weaves and relaxers to mimic white women's hair. And even though at first we felt like we had to or else we'll be made fun of at work now we black women do it for fun. And a lot of us wear blonde weaves for fun too. So it should not be a big deal.

  13. I don't really believe when some ppl say braids and the arts of braidings start from africa cause I have this feeling and I believe that others culture and race have their own type of braids as braiding hair or fabric is a means to keep their hsur tidy or a tradition and I have seen Greece and nordic ppl wear braids and indian also wear braids when I watched traditional Indian movie about Hindu.

  14. For me a white person wearing African braids looks stupid. But I also say a black woman wearing those European dog hair weaves looks stupid too.

  15. Dude it’s just a hairstyle though idk it just seem a little much like I never seen vultures argue on things that were adopted by other cultures. In my opinion it seem like it would be an honor to have another culture adopt something from mine

  16. I’m from the Middle East My hair is curly like the women in the video, the woman that is wearing a blue shirt but I do only one braid because they hurt a lot and my scalp is sensitive to pulling and it hurts way more than usual

  17. Bullsh*t propaganda. No one owns braids; even if it belong to one culture. Humanity shares ideas. that's how it works; otherwise only white people can participate in USA, speak english or any other european language, play basketball, wear rubber sneakers (invented in England), participate in any modern technology (All european invention) and much more.

  18. I've been braiding from the time I was 5 years old, I started braiding on my baby doll( there is a whole story with this learning this young ty mommy). Charged my first client for braiding her hair at 11years. 40 and still going strong. Now they're name for styles what the hay!

  19. Guys… it’s HAIR fucking HAIR no one cares what race you are it’s the way you wear your fucking hair on your head. Has nothing to do with race, class, gender so PLEASEEEEEE stfu with that “cultural appropriation” bullshit

  20. In the video, it was said (at least in my understanding, I may have not interpreted it right, sorry) that it would be okay for white people to wear cornrows if they aren't claiming it to be a trend/changing its name to make it seem like it belongs to their culture but from what I've heard it's not okay at any time for a non-black person to wear cornrows/dreads/other black hairstyles. I really don't wanna come off as offensive and I'm trying to understand this theme better, so can someone explain this to me, please?

  21. If the overwhelming majority of Black Women can chemically treat their hair to get it straight, or wear wigs, why should any of them have a problem with the handful of white women who braid their hair?

  22. I always assumed most people knew where corn rows came from, but then again I learned about corn rows from my black friends, and neighbors, in the navy community as a kid…so I guess not. I do remember the impression that some styles of braids were gheto, but again I assumed everyone saw it that way black or white. In no way did I see all braids as ghetto as a young white girl. I guess I did see natural hair braids that way. :/ It did take me a while to understand how important hair culture was to blacks though. I am someone who does want to understand, so I can see how others would remain ignorant. Now I find natural hair very beautiful on black women, and I think it's pretty cool how women can use different tricks to get the different natural hair styles. God made us all unique and beautiful in our own way after all.

  23. I think this talk of appropriation is a stretch… so what i cant wear a braid? Good thing i dont care about them but to hear is black only, that smust a bit too much. Then black hairedppl should not color their hair blonde, or have their hair straightened…

  24. I have to say with the internet giving younger generations the ability (and us older folks that grew up in the 80s 90s) to learn the correct culture/heritage…we are more able to give the props and respect to the birth place from where these came. I do see a shift these days, where people are being represented more for their roots and their authentic self that we havent been able tomsee before. I think this is a good sign for equality in representation (we know the actual system is going to take some work) but it gives me hope.

  25. im not going to front white women don't even look right with certain braids😄😆 and have you seen a white guy with braids someone like Post Malone? Shyt just look weird asf😁 It just naturally fit our steez

  26. When people say give credit where creidtnia due were not talking about you have to say every 5 mins oh this is african culture like No when YOU post a pic of you wearing braids and your not black you dont have to say the braids are from african culture everytime you wear braids just dont re name something thats imporant to one culture and clai it as your own sorry if i made some mistakes new to this country

  27. For those who are discouraging other races from wearing black braids, because racists have degraded them…it makes me sick to say this, and it’s a bitter pill to swallow, if you say “MINE” it will preserve the reputation, I believe. I don’t know, though. I’m not sure the ratio of racists to nonracists these days. There are a lot of low key racists. Ideally, we should elevate the hairstyles for the black community, first, and then share. However, the world we live in probably requires sharing, first, in order to achieve elevation, because humans are trash.

  28. Indians braided their hair too. It’s just a haircut. Stop being offended by petty shit. There’s so much you can do for the world besides being offended.


  30. I’m sorry but huhn?!?😂😂😂
    Wtf do braids hv to do with culture 😭😭
    I’m african I live in Africa I’ve been here my entire life and I’ve never ever heard anyone say they are doing braids to represent something
    Everyone just does it cause it look good tf😂😂😂

    America always out there tryna misrepresent nations🙄nothing ever that deep. Periodt!

  31. Culture belongs to humanity who gives a shit what they call it. I think this has less to do with race and more to do with what I call the "hipster theory" I used to like it before it was cool. Trifling morons

  32. Ok… I don't even know that this subject is an issue! Let's just take a deep breath and go back to earth! Aliens it was great to meeting you!

  33. we aint angry about you having braids, we angry about being called ghetto when we wear them but when a white person wears it, its tReNdY and its suddenly been renamed 🙄

  34. i didnt knew that, and my mom used to braid my hair and it was called "french braids" i think, but now i doubt its the right term

  35. Throught history for hundreds of years, people of ALL cultures and color have had braids as well so to say its strictly black culture is in my opinion a narrowed minded view of a universal thing. I like that they told their side of it and yes its wrong to say its okay for one person but not another but to say it belongs to only one culture is incorrect and history proves that.

  36. In my culture, at least the native side of it, if a girl was wearing two tight or intricate braids, it basically meant she was single ready to mingle. Once the braids came off, it meant she had gotten married. I think it's neat and something pretty much no one knows about my culture. I'm El Salvadoran btw

  37. I hate how some black people think that box braids or any hairstyle with weave can’t be done on a white person or it won’t look good on a white person.I personally wore braids as a kid and I got bullied because of my hairstyle.My black classmates would make fun of me and call me weave girl.Im not trying to be racist or anything, however, I don’t think that a skin color should determine what hairstyles should be worn.

  38. We called 1 braid a French braid
    2 were Dutch braids
    Multiple braids were corn rows
    The twirly ones were called chongo
    But we could only braid our hair at night for bed. We were never allowed to wear braided hair otherwise . So for us it was generally 1 long simple braid done to keep hair under control during the night ..

    And before anyone asks why we can’t wear braids in public… the Bible verse is below. Much we can not do “out and about “

    1 Timothy 2:9-10 ESV / 73 helpful votes

    Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire, but with what is proper for women who profess godliness—with good works.

  39. Braids started from Native Americans then it was evolved around the world ANYONE CAN WEAR WHATEVER HAIRSTYLE THEY WANT

  40. French braids or Dutch braids aren’t cultural appropriation they are literally 2 braids on the side of my head breads in general originate from Egyptian culture and other cultures conrows I can understand

  41. The only Vikings with cornrows are the ones in Hollywood. There are no Nordic statues depicting people with cornrows ANYWHERE. It doesnt exist. But look at some african tribes and Nok African statues. And before you tell me "some accredited white person somewhere says Vikings had cornrows", 300 years ago your accredited scientist said blacks dont feel pain, and are lazy if they dont want to be slaves. Heck, 20 – 30 years ago Pluto was a planet and the dinosaurs didnt have feathers. Point is, THEY CAN BE WROOOONG. I swear, 100 years from now and white people will think Kimonos were part of American culture too. 🤦

  42. Shame whites to make blacks feel better.
    I like the hate, now act the victim.
    This video and videos like this so how jealous black females are of white females. Black girls wish they had blond hair.
    Videos like this make me think that black and white people just cant live together. I dont want my daughter subjected to black jealousy and race hate.
    Black people think everyone owes them something, it sucks.
    If you are a normal black girl I am sorry they make videos like this.

  43. Well there ya go …. they're looked at as Exotic! by the envious! I was told to "tone it down" too. Boss lady said I "stood out" too much 🤔

  44. I'm so sorry. I didn't get it before. I'm from Zambia. We're the majority so I no one can really pretend mukule (braid) wasn't ours originally. I get it now.

  45. The thing is that I am Native American and that braids are also part of our culture so I wear them to honor ancestors but more than once people tell me that is it appropriation because I don’t especially look native.

  46. I’m just tired of my culture being taking without proper compensation and acknowledgement. Like wear our clothes and subscribe to our style but buy it from us not the white man.

  47. Exactly what I expected. African Americans saying they “historically” started braids. Ancient civilisations have been braiding hair for thousands of years.
    It’s really funny when they say “taking something that has been around for years and now being renamed and claiming it” that’s exactly what AA did!
    Native Americans and other ancient cultures like Romans, etc. have done it for thousands of years. I feel like they just trying to “own” a style in America and getting their American white hate out at petty shit.
    I’m Italian. We have very thick hair. We have been braiding since ancient times. Sorry it’s not yours to own Americans

  48. I love braids ..thank you for braids …but honestly can you thank us whities for the hair dos or colors or styles or watever else that was taken from The white culture, …but now I'm prolly gonna be labled as racist when some of you'd be shocked to know who my momma was… Everyone is screaming about culture appropriation…what about what all the other cultures that took from The white culture…no you can't say that that'll be racist ….i could say alot but I'll just be beating a dead horse🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️. All cultures are supposed to learn from other cultures. Learn from one another and that's we learn to love diffrences …guess we stole agriculture from what they call Indians…..anywho .. move to new Orleans/ lafayette area where there is a big ole melting pot if cultures and everyone loves all the cultures they took/copied or were born into …sooooo yes there will always be so say black ppl who don't like white people ( still racist) and white ppl who don't like black people ( and again still racist) …but again that's not the Whole World..and some point in history B.C or A.D each race faced some kind of slavery…..sheesh …i could go on

  49. Tbh black people cant even accomplish these hairstyles without weaves and extensions from other peoples hair which is just nasty and truth is none of the hairstyles they do isn't of black but other races but just learned and taken from them but cry and complain about almost everything even when it comes to them with natural hair always blaming white people and society when in reality it's them and there insecurities and these hairstyles are sensitive to blacks so essentially there just making themselves bald in the future by the unnatural weight holding brittle hair.

  50. I hate to see white and other people with our braids it’s stealing from black people we can’t have shit. Them damn Kardashian’s have that shit bad our culture and our men

  51. I thought this was going to be both sides on the documentary black and white because white people during the Viking era had braids but it was just a one-sided documentary

  52. The one time I had my hair in corn rows, I was in High school. One of my very close friends, a beautiful black Princess, wanted to see of she could braid hair with Mt texture. Y'all… She had my hair so tight, I had an immediate headache and my scalp actually bleed. She was do mad at me for taking it down because I couldn't handle it. I commend all women who pay that price of pain for beauty. And yes, I feel that the appropriation of any culture is wrong. I think there is an appropriate way to appreciate other cultures without being disrespectful. I salute you all beautiful black queens! ❤️👑👸🏾

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