Weaving Tutorial: How to Hemstitch

So, we’re going to start here at the
beginning of the piece. You can see this yellow is the yarn that
I used to spread the threads, so it got to an even point and then I started weaving with the
purple and generally I’ll weave about an inch before I begin my hemstitching. One of the decisions you need to
make when your hemstitching is the size of bundles that you are going
to use. For these purposes, I am going to
do this in bundles of four and I’m going to be
going up two weft ends, two pics. When I started weaving I left myself a
long tail and I’ll generally measure out something
that’s about three times the width of my woven piece, then I come back and I thread it onto a tapestry needle.
Now I’m going to take the tapestry needle and come under the first four ends and bring it up and I pull kinda snug. Now I’m going to
come back around, and here I’m just working off of the edge and I’m gonna come over four ends again
but now I’m going to come up two pics into the cloth and I am going to pull that and I pull up towards my heddle or my beater bar at this
point. I’m gonna go back into the same point
that I came out of before, go over four warp ends and pull the yarn through. Then I’m going to go back through the same hole, come up two pics and pull the yarn through. So, I’m gonna go in
there again and come out, go back in the same spot over four, up two and notice that I’m not going through the loop I’m not knotting it. I’m just snugging it up and this will be the
pattern the rest to the way across. So here’s my next to last bundle and I’ve gone over four up two and on the last bundle, I’m just coming out
into the air, at the edge and when I come up, and I’m going up into the cloth, I go
between the first and the second warp ends, so it’s secured by this edge thread, like that, and then I’m gonna take the needle and I’m going to just needle weave back
across here. So I’ll go over/under following the threads for about an inch and then I’ll clip the
end and it will be hidden up in there.

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