Weaving with CHROME & NEW 260Q’s, Disney’s Frozen II & Lebanon in review Q Corner Showtime LIVE! E33

(upbeat electronic music) – Hello, hello, hello. – Good afternoon, good
evening, good morning or good night. Depends on where in the world
you are watching the show. – Exactly yes, we got people on the chat already. – Yeah, thanks for joining
us nice and early, guys. We hope you’ve had a fantastic two weeks and finally you’ve got
both of us in the same. Hello Anthony! Oh, we got people from all over the place. Let’s go, exactly, let’s go. Yeah, we’ve finally go the pair of us back in the same place at the same time for at least this episode. – Yeah, we’ve been leapfrogging
a bit, a little bit. We’ve been on our travels. So yes, in the studio
together which is all good. – It is good to see us back together. Thank you very much, guys. Hello Alfred! – Hi. – We got people from all
over the place there. We’ve got South Africa, we’ve got L.A. – Denmark, I think. – Yeah, all over. – Cool. – So what have we got to do tonight, Dom? – Let me just change over to this here. Oh!
– Oh, look at that. Yeah, zoom out a little bit. Zoom out a little bit.
– Okay. So this. – because we got, here we go. What’s it all about? It’s weaving with chrome, the new 260Qs. Everybody–
– sorry, I’m just laughing at Anthony
there with the chrome that’s going on. – It’s all about the chrome. About the chrome. It is. And there’s a new hashtag. People have been using
the hashtag actually. The hashtag it’s all about the chrome. Have a little look on there. There’s a lot of pictures about trucks, but there are some
Qualatex chrome balloons on there as well. – Yes, and there’s an GIF
out there as well I believe. – There’s two GIFs. – Yes.
– Yeah, if you go on GIPHY and you put in Qualatex, you’ll see two different GIFs from– – [Both] From us. – But there’s more out
there as well for Qualatex. – Yeah, and there’s also
a great one of Chris Adamo as well doing his little boogie in there with the balloons in the background. – He can produce some shapes that man. – He can, he can. And so can Ted & Betty who
were on there dancing too. – Oh yes. – Absolutely.
– In fact, we showed that a couple of weeks ago. – What else have we got? We’ve got “Frozen 2” on there. We have–
– Let it go, Keith. Let it go. – Oh dear. Or Elsa. – Oh ho! Don’t freeze me out! – Right, I’m done. I’m done with the puns. We got, for the next two moments. What else have we got? We’ve got quite a few for review, which we’re just going to
briefly going to talk about this, because we’re going to handle
it better in two weeks time. We’re going to do a lot
about the Q4 review. In fact actually, we want
some feedback from you guys. But we’ll talk about that. And we got the Lebanon review. – Yes, we have, yes. – Dom’s just recently been to
the Beirut Balloon Convention. – Easy for you to say. – The Beirut Balloon Convention. – Say it 10 times fast. Let’s not.
– No. Let’s not. So I think what we’ll do is
we’ll go onto that first, because we’ve got a nice little video that you may have seen. It’s been out there if you’re connected with the Middle East Facebook
page you’ll have seen it, but if not, you won’t have. So I’m going to do this one
and you wanna do the big one. – Yeah, I can show it on here. – So enjoy this video. (electronic booming) (soft upbeat electronic music) And there we go guys. – That was pretty cool. – It was.
– That’s the celebration there of I believe 10 new CBA’s. – 10 new CBA’s. – Courtesy of the The
Beirut Balloon Convention. – That’s pretty awesome. Welcome to the family, guys. Congratulations. And as we would say in
Norway, to the CBA’s. – Ah, we have Eve, my
partner in crime there. We have Eve and Jackie there in The Beirut Balloon Convention. And thank you again with Wissam
and the Party World team. They were excellent
hosts and a superb event. – Yeah, it was. I saw a lot of the photographs
that came back from that and they look absolutely amazing. Some of the designs were wonderful and the competition pieces and things. – Excellent competition. Now we had a few different
ones on the final day and had so many. We actually had to extend it because we had 10 places limited, but we had to double that
because so many people wanted to join in which
is brilliant to see. – Its great, isn’t it,
when people get involved, because you really do, competitions are fantastic,
because you really do get to flex your muscles and, oh. – Steady there, Keith. Oh, not your cup of tea. – No, and push yourself,
really push yourself. Don’t push your cup of tea, but push yourself to the limits and you don’t know what you
can achieve until you try. – Well, we had a mystery
box competition as well and we’ve really challenge
them with this one because it was the most random mystery box you could’ve ever thought of. There was nothing. To look at the box was a challenge. So some of the designs
that people came up with, impressed me somewhat, absolutely. – Somebody says on there as well, “Two cute ladies and one handsome boy.” Is that, ah, that must have
been Jag I’m going to guess is that you were talking about? – He saw me. He saw me. – It wasn’t Dom. – You can’t see me, I was
in my very dressed down suit for the event. – Yeah, somebody was
mentioning about the fact that it was a really
nice, somebody said that, “Love your suit, Dom.” There we go, Lisa said that. – Well, they are our World
Balloon Convention suits. – Oh yeah, absolutely. They came out for World
Balloon Convention 2016 in New Orleans where we were. Masters of ceremony for
the opening evening, one of our proudest achievements. – It was, yes. – Yeah, so if you saw that, Dom could never get the right suit. But there was that… and
if you know, you know okay, it was quite amusing. What else have we got to go through, Dom? – We have got the chrome. – Oh yes, because ♪ It’s all about the chrome ♪ ♪ ‘Bout the Chrome ♪ ♪ No treble ♪ – Why did I lead him up to that? – Because we have, we need
to zoom in ultra close, ultra close.
– Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.
– because we have (singing). – I am moving the chrome. – We have, yeah, under the studio lights it’s a little bit tricky to see, but we have this one for
reference is normal gold chrome. – Good to know. – And this one is the rose gold
and this one is the copper. So you can see they actually
form a really nice harmony between the three of them. We really like them. We’re very happy to have them in 260Qs. We’re over the moon that the
260Qs are finally out here so we can use them. because if anybody knows us we came from a twister background. So in our decor and our retail paces, we tend to use a lot of non-round product. – I love the fact that
copper’s having 260Q now. It felt a little bit on its
own, the copper, 11 inch. And now to get the 260Q is like yes. – Yeah, you are correct in the chat they do look absolutely amazing together. – It’s a lovely color scheme. – So one of the basic weaves that we do is just a simple braid technique. So when we got three together, which we’ve started off with
some pinch twists on there– – You carry on. – Well, you just drink, I’ll handle this. We do the simple braid
where we just take one, it’s just like braiding hair. I practice this on my daughter but she hates having balloons
in her hair, but anyway. Okay. – He did say he was only
going to stop for a moment. – I did and also, that wasn’t a pun, that was a joke, there’s a difference. You’re allowed to do that. – I beg to differ, it is a joke. – So what we do, what we do with these is we
just take one in the middle and we just go over the top. The outside one just keeps
going over the top like this, like this and all the
way until we get as far as we will go with this one. And then I’m going to twist all together. And we have ourselves a braided wrap with three colors of chrome. Yeah, which is pretty cute. We like it.
– I love chrome. I do.
– It wasn’t a terrible joke. It was a fantastic joke,
thank you very much. – I am with you Lisa, it was bad. Even by my standards, it was bad. – So this is the simplest of weaves, but it’s very, very effective. We use it for Elsa’s hair
when we’re doing it in white. And we use it also for Ariel as well, she generally gets a good reception. – She does. This is a great little add on though for those little air filled additions to kind of upselling your work. It’s a really useful
and versatile technique. – Yep, absolutely. Because it is all about the
chrome, about the chrome. Thanks guys. So this is the most– – Stop releasing chrome Qualatex. – It is the most simplest of our weaves. But we’ve got a slightly more advanced one that we did with the three colors. We’ll place this onto here. – Okay, I’ll give you that
Lisa, terrible the joke, but you look cute with
it around your head. – Oh thank you. – That’s because it hides some of him, so the more we hide of
him, the cuter he gets. Is that what you’re saying, Lisa? – That’s harsh. – Nice, clever. – I look fantastic in a paper bag. Anyway, this is again
using the chrome copper, the silver, the gold. We got the rose gold, the copper and the gold together as well. – And again though, if
you’re watching this, you may not see the color difference quite as much as you can in real life. The studio lights don’t
do it any justice at all. – No, but we do have a photograph of it. Let me just get rid of that. We’ll put it onto, that one, and that one.
– We’ll find that one. Wanna do that one? – [Keith] Yeah. – [Dom] Oh. – [Keith] So there it is and it’s a simple piece. It’s completely air filled. – [Dom] Zero helium people. Zero helium. – [Keith] Also in the new “Frozen,” keep that on there for the moment because I shall get rid of that one. And then to go with
the new “Frozen” bubble we did this version as well. So that’s on the bottom and the top, it’s five inch periwinkle blue, and then, no, there’s no helium. People saying they presume
that it has helium. – [Dom] I know. – [Keith] It has no helium. It’s just air filled. Which we’ll show you in a moment. You’re very welcome, you’re very welcome. – [Dom] You’re just excited, it’s fine. – [Keith] The colors
that we’ve used on there are periwinkle blue,
spring lilac and white. Those are all of the colors. – [Dom] With the brand
new “Frozen” bubble. – [Both] “Frozen 2.” – Absolutely.
– Yay. – [Keith] Which is going to
be another big hit for us. Because the bubble’s air filled as well, it really doesn’t matter
if you do let it go. (Dom groaning) You did it first. I did it better. All I can say, what can I say? It looks better.
– Sorry would be a good start. – We know, Cam, we know
that we look great. Thank you very much for that. – Great job, Cam. – Great job, Cam. So what we’re going to
do is if you want to know how to do that weave, which we know you do want to learn how to do that weave, we have a quick video for you right now, which we’re going to show you again and we’re going to do it in
chrome gold and chrome silver. Because in the chrome
it looks absolutely– – Stunning.
– Magnificent, doesn’t it? – It does, it does.
– Enjoy the video, guys. (electronic booming) (soft triumphant electronic music) (electronic booming) And there we go! There you have it. A nice little tutorial. You are very, very welcome guys. – Just in case people
didn’t see it in the chat, there’s a few questions
about the base that we used. And rightly so, we point
you in the right direction of checking out one of our other videos, which all about the base. – It is all about the base because we use a kick
board and a maxi cup. So please feel free,
get on there and do it. – Inexpensive, disposable. – If you can’t find the
tubes that are long enough, what you’ll want to do as well, you can use garden cans
and they work just as fine. – They do, yes.
– Absolutely. So yeah. You are very welcome. – We like that design
and it follows our ethos of the repeatability. You know, the reusing a design. You change the colors,
you change the whole look of that piece. – Absolutely, because going between the, let me just look on here. That copper one that we had on there has very different feel and look compared to the “Frozen” version. But they’re both, and all of
them, completely air filled, no helium required.
– And identical build. Identical build.
– Absolutely. – Yeah, love them. – So when we’re talking
about price points, we got exactly same the price
point as we run through. So yeah, absolutely.
– Simple, simple, simple. – Super duper. – Oh. Quad of four. We had to, oh yeah, let’s do that. Golden, okay. – Is that were you going to do? – I was going to say about
what we wear on our feet. – Oh yeah, no, no, no. We’ll do that after that. Quad of four. There’s a whole new range of
products just hit the market. And it’s the Qualatex
quad of four release. If you didn’t get the email, that means you’re obviously
not signed up there. You need to get over onto
Qualatex.com because– – You can’t go wrong with Qualtex.com. – It’s a true story. I need to move over this way a little bit because I was kind of
getting cut off there as well because oh, watch this. Oh, ah! Anyway. – We love the magic of t.v., we really do. Ah look, it’s your partner in crime there behind your right ear. – Yeah, this fella up here. The new sloth. I actually like him. – I do as well, he’s pretty cool. If you’d ask me, aw, Dom, which balloon would you like us to make, sloth wouldn’t have been on the list. – It was right up there. But thing is that– – But that was there. I really like him. – There’s been sloths
everywhere, haven’t though? Okay, so now we got our own as a balloon and he’s super cute and cuddly. But how bout can you preview and have a quick look through there? – Let me, let me. It sounds easy but (laughs), it’s not necessarily easy.
– It’s a challenge for Dom. – No, it’s not.
– The thing is is that– – It’s a technical challenge. – What you need to do is go over there and have a little look for yourself. Go over to Qualatex.com and have a look at all the new products
available for quarter four. And then what we need to do is send us a message and tell
us what you would like to see, oh, here we go. – That’s not the one, oh,
it’s got some new stuff. Yes, it does.
– It has. Some of the stuff that
you would like to see us use and demonstrate in the
studio to make some designs for. – I love the unicorn horn. – Yeah, the unicorn horn is fantastic. What I liked as well is
that there are a new range of top print available from latex. – Let me see if I can
find it, because I think– – Was it oh happy day, cheers,
all this kind of range. The simplicity ranges,
which we really like anyway. They now got them in the top print. Have you got them there? Because I wanted to go onto– – The new baby faces and stuff as well. Oh fantastic.
– Yeah, there Dom. That one.
– That one? – If you click on that one and then you go to the, because obviously on
Qualatex.com you can– – Look at the chrome there. – Go on there. And then you should be able to say is it further down? Is there a little
inspiration or something? – It’s hard to say because
my eyesight fails me. Related products we have– – Oh, click on the oh happy day one. – Da, da, da. – That one.
– Oh happy day. – There are some new imagery
regarding these ones, which show them using them in columns. They’re not in there. They’re in the other section. The must be in the inspiration
section at the top. – I think so because
you showed me earlier. – Yeah, and they’re fantastic because they’ve used them in columns and they’ve kind of given
it an almost organic feel, although it’s not true organic. It’s still got a fantastic feel to it and it looks brilliant
because that message is clearly on the outside of that column. – I’m liking the new additions. There’s some nice ones
in there that I think are going to go straight into our store for maximum usability. – Absolutely. So what we’re going to do is next, in two weeks time on the next show we’re going to be demonstrating
some of the newest products on there and show you a
couple of different designs that you can use them in. – So why not check out Qualatex.com, have a look at those new products, and send us over a message saying, I want to see something
done with this product. – and challenge us. Why not?
– Yeah, because there’s a lot
for us to choose from. We can’t always decide, yes.
– Exactly. So– – Back to the desk. – Back to the desk. So what we’ve done and we need to do, can you do ultra close? – I can. – Closer than close. – I can.
– Like we’re really there. We’re really there.
– Zoom us in. – Wherever you’re watching. If you’re watching in the car, you shouldn’t be, stop it. – Hold on a second, if we’re close, I need to get the wrinkles out. – Yeah, it’s like it, oh yeah, it’s in HD.
– The camera adds more wrinkles you know? – Yeah, we’re really only 29. – That’s true, plus tax. For each of the states in the U.S. – We’ve got one more thing left to do. But before we do that, we just want to go over to it, because of course we’ve
got Mr. Q’s Spin-A-Winner. You’ve got your very own chance. – But there’s one more thing
before the one more thing, because someone mentioned it in the chat and we should talk about
it, because they’re new. – Oh, the T-shirts! Absolutely. The new merch! – We couldn’t resist. – You like them? Yeah, somebody mentioned–
– I do. – I think it was Anthony
mentioned it as well. Said that you really
like the new T-shirts. Yeah, we really like them
too to go with the mug. – I think, I think, Keith’s going to be doing it in his, to the Mr. Q’s Spin-A-Winner
at some point soon. – Yeah, I think we’ll have to
get one onto there as well. But it’s not on there quite yet. But we do have some Mr.
Q’s Spin-A-Winner winners in action because we had some photographs. Because if you remember on the last one where I was there by myself, Jackie– (Dom moaning) – Sorry. – Jackie won one of the prizes. – Fix! – So Dominic took it over to Lebanon where he was working with her. – Hand delivered. – And he manged to get a photo with her so there it is. Look at that. She looks very happy. She’s a winner. – [Dom] That’s the best prize ever. – [Keith] With Mr. Q’s Spin-A-Winner. – [Dom] I mean there’s only
several thousand mile round trip to deliver those socks and the postcard. – [Keith] Yes, I wonder if
she’s wearing them right now. Oh, Jackie’s there! Hello Jackie! – [Dom] That’s timing!. – [Keith] We didn’t see you sneak in. – [Dom] She wasn’t
going to join in until– – [Keith] We hope you’re
wearing your socks right now. – [Dom] I hope so. – [Keith] It’s very important. – [Dom] I’ll be
disappointed if you’re not. – [Keith] You give it away in Lebanon. (gasping) How dare you, how dare you? – [Dom] Although she did
say in the chat on the show that she was probably going
to give them away again. – [Keith] That’s besides the point. – [Dom] because that’s
the kind of gal she is. – [Keith] Okay, you’re still
waiting for your socks? (Dom gasping) We’ll check out to that. – [Dom] Yeah, send us
a message via the page and we’ll check on that. – [Keith] And we’ll find
out what’s happened, make sure that they’ve
gone out to you for winter. – [Dom] because we can’t
have you sock less. – [Keith] Exactly, in a sock filled world. So we also, leave that
on there for a moment. – [Dom] Yeah, yeah. – [Keith] Because we got, that was Jackie, but we also had sightings of one of our other winners as well. We love this one. – [Dom] Sightings in the wild. The Q sock gone rogue. – [Keith] Yes, because it was actually at QBN, I think it was a QBN program. – [Dom] Yeah, it was a QBN
chapter meeting I believe. – [Keith] Nothing could be finer than attending the CO QBN training sponsored by Qualatex
while wearing the socks that he worn on Q Corner. I mean, look at them socks. Well done, Rob. – [Dom] That’s a rather
relaxed look for a meeting. – [Keith] Yeah, absolutely. Everybody else looks like
they’re doing the job and he looks like he’s
in there and doing that. – [Dom] He’s carrying it off well though, I’ll give him that. – [Keith] But that’s our best
inaction shot so far of– – So I think we need to set
the challenge out there. So any other winners, yes, we like the picture with the postcard and the item that you’ve won. But we want to see it in action. We want to see the very best
in action, Q Corner prize. – Yeah, the Q Corner prize. And if you’re lucky enough, you could be winning your very own premium balloon accessory, MicroAir Inflator. – Today. – Because it’s still there to win. Well, we need to get over there, Dom. – We do, we do, we do. – We’ll see you on the other side. – Yes. (upbeat lively music) (wheel clicking) (video game music) – And it starts right now. Mr. Q’s Spin-A-Winner. – I love this segment. – It’s like a little dance though that happens when the music goes on. – And I shouldn’t really
because it’s giving stuff away. – But we are, we gotta give it away, and it’s right there on the top. There we go. The Premium Balloon
accessories MicroAir Inflator. You could be the winner. – I genuinely can’t believe
that it’s lasted all this time. – I know. When Premium said that the
they were going to donate this, they said, “Could it go straight away?” And we said, “It could, it
could go straight away,” but it hasn’t. So I think it’s well overdue. – 47 weeks later. – And we’re still trying to give it away. – Several pairs of socks,
key rings and pens. – But we’ve got Qualatex socks,
we’ve got balloon images, magazine bundles, we’ve got pens, socks, we’ve got a Premium
Balloon accessories apron on there as well. And I think what we’re going to do is hopefully for next
time or the one after, we’re going to add on a Q
Corner mug or a T-shirt. We’re going to add extra stuff on here. – I think so. – So–
– You vote, stick it in the chat. Do you want a mug to be added or a– – What would you like to see? – Or a T-shirt to be added? It’s a new one though,
we won’t give away ours. – What we need to do is we
need to have a question. – We do, we have a question. – We have the question. Then we’re going to have
our Q Corner minute, which is kind of like
a minute but different. It’s flexible. And here we– – Also, very similar to a Lebanese minute. – Or a Spanish minute. (laughing) – So here we go. Here’s our question. – The question is– – How many colors are currently available in the Qualatex chrome 260Q range? – So how many colors
are currently available in the Qualatex chrome 260Q range? – Sorry, I laughed. Lisa, mug and T-shirt. – We notice that people are going for the mug or the T-shirt. Okay, so I need to go
onto the other thing here because I need to find out winners. – I’ll dance and drink my tea. – We got, mug and T-shirt. Yeah, I’m still looking for it. – We got one from a Mr.
Lena, the balloon professor. Let’s hope that we got profile pictures on your YouTube profile
as well, please people. We’re definitely seeing some more but we’ve got Bartosz, I
think, no profile picture. Come on! Jakob.
– Bartosz we expect better from you.
– As well. Jakob, we need picture on there as well. Janice, you need a profile picture. – Go on, say it Kptoke. – Kptoke, sorry if I pronounce that wrong, which I will have done, but you need a profile picture as well. And Myfung, you need a profile picture. It’s your social media, guys. Let’s get those profile
pictures up to represent you and your business. We’ve seen a lot more pictures appearing since we started picking on everyone but, (laughing) it does help you to stand out so we can pull you into that cue to put you in that randomizer and the chance of winning our prize. Even the star prize. How we going there, Keith? We getting’ some winners? – We have, we’ve got quite
a few winners in the cue. – Do you remember–
– I’ll pull them off of there as well. – Do you remember how many there is or are you just going by the consensus? – No, no, no. I remember how many there is. Okay, so we’re going to count it down. We’ve had roughly a minutes, so we’ll count it down from 10. – Let’s remove our– – Nine, eight, seven ish, six, five, four, three, two, one and just a couple of people
just slipped in there. – Someone’s even listed them. – There we go.
– Nice. – Okay, so we got them all. And the correct answer was eight. – Well done, Keith. – I know! Well done for people because
we have, what do we got? We got silver and gold. – Blue, green. – Green.
– Mauve. – Mauve. – [Both] Copper. Rose gold. – I’m missing one, purple! – Purple! There we go, I knew you
were missing the purple one. – Good job, it’s not nine.
– Earlier when we did the count through. It was indeed eight. So what I’m going to do is I’m
just going to flick it to here. Flicking, flicking. – He’s using the
randomizer for the winners. – I will do that one. Who is that one? – My eyes can’t see that screen. The Magical Balloon, oh no, it’s six. – He got it wrong! He got it wrong. – Oh, you’ve added one to
the queue, that was wrong. Sorry, Mr. Balloon man. – Sorry, Mr. Balloon man. But you didn’t get it right. – That was false, false, false. Let me move that off. Try again, Keith. Clear the queue. And go again. – Okay, we go. – You know who that is, don’t you? Eyesight. – We’ve gotta have a bigger
screen I’ve just realized from on there. So we shall do, we have this one. Who is this one? – Who we got? – Is that the correct number this time? – AndyDOHD1, eight! Well done, Andy. – Eight. It’s Andy– – He’s the other CEO of
Apple by the look of it. – What? – Well, do you see where
the profile picture? – Oh yeah. – Nice. – Okay, so Andy welcome,
congratulations Andy. – Yay! – You are our winner for, yeah, yeah. Okay, we didn’t say that was how many are currently available
so it’s definitely it. Well done, Andy. You’re a winner. So you’re going to get to spin. So Andy, you get to choose first of all. You gotta decide is it going to be Dom to spin the wheel for you or is it going to be me? You gotta decide, it’s up to you, Andy. It’s all down to you. – I think statistically I’m
still the better choice. – I think statistically you
are still the worse choice. So that’s what you’ve gotta do is, Andy, you decide, who’s going
to spin it for you? Is it going to be me or
is it going to be Dom? Just put a K or a D in the chat. That would be fantastic. Congrats, Andy. Yeah, everybody saying, “Congrats.” – Yay! – Well done. – We’ll wait for Andy.
– Come on Andy. – No pressure. – Who is it?
– No pressure. – K or a D to spin this wheel? Dom!
– Yay! – Boo. There we go, that’s almost guaranteed that you’re not going to
win the star prize tonight. (Dom gasping) #Justsaying. – My fingers are crossed for you, okay? Right, we’re going for a good spin. – So one second, he got
out of the question. Andy, do you prefer it soft and gentle or do you prefer it hard and fast? We know everybody
prefers it hard and fast. So let’s go hard and fast. – Question has to be asked. – Here we go. (wheel clicking) – The pressure is on. – Any time today, Dom! – Because I want to win the prize for Andy because you said he shouldn’t, right. – The dark show, yeah, it’s Dom. Yeah, okay, okay. Like the dark horse. Here it goes, round and round and round. – It’s goin’, it’s goin’. – Let’s have a look. I’m going to stick my head round there so I can actually see which one it is. It’s coming round. Oh, oh, oh, oh, ah! Number 10. – I so wanted that. – [Keith] Number 10. – [Dom] I’m sorry, I’m sorry Andy. Although you have got a combo prize. – [Keith] You do. – [Dom] You got the key ring and a pen. – I told you that you’re
almost guaranteed not to win the top prize
because you picked Dom. It’s just the way that it is. He’s never won it yet, has he? – Nor has Mr. Stirman. – That’s besides the point. Excuse me, that’s besides the point. That’s just hearsay. Okay, so congratulations. If you send a message over to Mr. Q on his Facebook page, please Andy send him a
message with your name and address, details and we
can get those off to you. – Saying you’re a winner. And don’t forgot as well, we want the in action shot
of your pen and key ring. – Yes, exactly. A key, hanging keys, sorry. A key ring hanging keys
in action in a door with a pen. – I don’t think there’s
anything more exciting for the air time. Who can wait? – Exactly. So we’ll see you guys in two weeks time. It looks like I’m going
to be by myself again because Dom’s teaching off in– – I am actually in the UK. Oh yes, we have the second day of the magical party
supplies air-filled edition. – Magical party designs. – Yes.
– Air-filled edition. – Of course.
– In London. – That’s right. So calling them in London. Still spaces left. Only a few though. We’re kind of almost over halfway anyway. But so if you want to join me there for some different air-filled designs to beat that helium price, please do. Check out onto the
Europe.qualatex.com website and check out the education on there and you can book via there. – And I will see you right
here in two weeks time, guys. Have fun and take care. – Bye for now. (electronic booming) (playful upbeat music)

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