What Are Stitches For?

What Are Stitches For?

[INTRO] Squeaks had a new experience today, and he
wanted us to tell you all about it. See the bandaid on his hand? That’s because he got a cut that needed
stitches. [Squeaks squeaks] Right! Four stitches. When someone gets stitches, that means the
doctor used some thread to tie the two sides of the cut together. Maybe you or someone you know has gotten them
before. Lots of people have, because stitches are
a very good way to fix a big cut. And Squeaks is totally fine now, right Squeaks? [Squeaks agrees] Right. If you’ve ever gotten a small cut like a
papercut, you know that they can hurt, but all you have to do is tell a grownup, wash
it off, and put a bandaid on. After that, it usually heals within a day
or two. But accidents happen, and sometimes people
get a cut that goes farther into the skin than a papercut. If it’s a deep cut, they might need stitches
to help the wound heal properly. That’s what happened to Squeaks this morning. [Squeaks squeaks] Right, it happened while we were at the park. We were playing tag and Squeaks fell down
and cut his hand on a rock The cut was big enough that I thought we should
go to the doctor, so we put on a bandage in the meantime and pressed down on it to help
stop the bleeding. When we got to the doctor, she said the cut
needed a few stitches. She explained that they would help keep the
two sides of the cut close together so it would be easier for the body to heal it. Without the stitches to help keep it closed,
it would take a lot longer for the bleeding to stop and there would be a much bigger piece
of skin to regrow. Do you remember what else she said the stitches
help with, Squeaks? [Squeaks squeaks] That’s right! Since the stitches keep the cut closed, they
help keep germs away so it doesn’t get infected. Then it was time for the doctor to start taking
care of the cut. If you or someone you know ever has to get
stitches, the doctor will probably do a lot of the same things as Squeaks’ doctor. First, she washed off the cut to clean it
and get rid of as many germs as possible before stitching it up. Then she gave Squeaks a very quick shot near
the cut. The shot gave him some medicine to numb his
skin so he wouldn’t feel the stitches. [Squeaks interjects] He says the shot didn’t really hurt either! After that, she got out the needle and thread. You were a little worried about this at first,
right Squeaks? [He nods] The thread is kind of like a bandaid, except
instead of being sticky it goes into your skin to hold the cut closed. The only reason the doctor needs a needle
is to to guide the thread through the skin and tie it into stitches. [Squeaks interjects again] He says that didn’t hurt either! That’s because the doctor gave you the medicine
to numb your skin first. Sometimes people feel a little pulling or
pressure from the thread, but it doesn’t hurt. How long do you think the stitches themselves
took, Squeaks? [Squeaks answers] Sounds about right! It only took a couple of minutes to do those
four stitches. And that was it! Squeaks got his bandaid to help keep the stitches
clean and protected, and we went home. We’ll have to go back in a couple of weeks
to get them taken out, because once the cut is all healed up you don’t need the thread
anymore! They don’t use a needle for that, though,
and it’s very simple and fast. They just cut the thread and the stitches
fall right out! There are also some kinds of stitches that
don’t need to be taken out because they dissolve by themselves, but not the kind Squeaks got. Now that we’re home, maybe we’ll do a project
indoors so your hand can rest. What do you say, Squeaks? Thanks for joining us if you want to keep
learning and having fun with Squeaks and me, hit the red subscribe button and we’ll see
you next time here at the fort [OUTRO]

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  1. I am very proud that I got my son to age nine before he ever needed stitches. He cut his leg above the knee on something in a lake. I was 11 before I needed stitches after stepping on some glass. That did permanent nerve damage that didn't fully heal until I was in my thirties. My husband once got a cut on his finger while making dinner. The doctor wanted to stitch the cut but she was worried that she would cause it to bleed again after some time and trouble to get it to stop bleeding. She ended up Crazy Gluing his finger cut closed. All the cuts healed fine. I also keep a card in my wallet with the date of each of our last Tetanus shots so that if a doctor ever asks, we have the information. I once got tumbled over by a wave in the ocean and got scraped up. I had no idea when my last tetanus shot was so they gave me one just in case. From then on, I called each of our doctors' offices, got the exact dates and started carrying the information with me.

  2. I never really figured out why it's been so important for folks to know the stitch count. Like: Why did you volunteer the fact that Squeaks received four stitches?

  3. I got stitches in my house also it was on my chin I fell on a fan and the fan was taken away in like the garage and now it is in a corner and I jumped on the bed in the hospital because one of the doctors had spooky googles

  4. Well when i when was 9 years old at the park me and a girl name Ashle i actedently hurt my lip and i got 3 stitchs

  5. Once my friend cut his head open he was in the hospital for a week how? He was only 8 years old and did a backflip…. it didn't end good then when he came back he had blue stitches on his head

  6. I spent so much time researching this but I wish I had just watched this video instead, it answered all my questions and it was easy to understand ^-^

  7. My batch mate was running at the
    hall way and a teacher opened
    the door. Everthing was covered with blood and he went to the
    hospital to get stiches

  8. I got a cut from a pencil on my hand and it healed just fine but it left a scar. Why did it leave a scar?

  9. I love you you mum and dad thank for your cooking mum and dad Thanks dad for Your help ing me you too are my good parts in the world but best for all is that you have the power of love for me and roman and I am happy with you mum and dad love Roma and Roman bof of us are your sunshine

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  11. With Squeaks saying it didn't hurt I still think it hurts. I am going to try to be careful while playing outside

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