Why Did Radio Host Attack Young YouTuber Whose Weave Went Wrong?

Why Did Radio Host Attack Young YouTuber Whose Weave Went Wrong?

– Do you have children? – Yes, I have two girls. (audience gasping) – [Rosie] How old are they? – 10 and 12. – And how do you feel that
your daughters get to watch their father communicate
that about black women? – My daughters understand that
they are beautiful naturally. And my only argument is the
fact that not only do you say well, these women get
these weaves that they suffer from alopecia, but
why is it they can’t get what looks it grew out of their own scalp? – You trying to say
they don’t look natural? – Why can’t it look like
the natural-growing hair that came out of her head, why does it have to look like some other race’s hair? – Who decided, I just wanna
know, did somebody die and appoint you the king
over what black women should look like in terms of our hair? – Where you do feel that
you get off, you know, being the final arbiter
about whether our hair looks like it grows out of our scalp or grows out of our eyebrows? – That’s a good point, Areva,
and as a matter of fact, we’ve got a clip from
your show that reveals how you really feel about black women. – Welcome to TNN News, roll. Women get an opportunity to
mess up their entire life, and once they do so, they
didn’t get to turn around and say, well it’s a man’s fault. Why is it that these women care so much about their aesthetics, but
they don’t care anything about their teeth or their skin? Black women are making violence normal in the black community,
’cause they’re teaching their children to be just
as disrespectful as them. The difference is, when
a woman’s disrespectful, dude’s still trying to (beep) her. Doesn’t it let you know how
irresponsible black women are? Don’t you understand now
why they have so many STDs? Don’t you understand now why
sleeping with many of them it smell like just a fishery. Many times I’ve had sex
with black women and it literally just, it was an
unbearable smell in the room. – Oh my goodness. (laughter) You are hurting women with these videos. – So what I should do is
then ignore what’s happening. I should ignore the amount of
money that’s being spent on something that, in a group that
we claim, hey, we’re dealing with harsh economics and we
don’t have money, but yet you have 10 billion dollars a year
to spend on just your hair? – [Mary] But frankly, it’s
none of your damn business. – Thank you, thank you, thank you. (applause) – Oh, whoa, you know we’re in America now. I didn’t develop these
ideas out of thin air. And also, I didn’t develop this following because what I’m saying is untrue. – [Mary] Shame on your following. – At a certain point in
time, so we should shame the following for not
agreeing with what you think? – No, for even turning you on. – Tommy, but let’s, when
I look at your channel, what I see is you’re profiting in hate, and it’s not just towards black women. There were lots of really
homophobic statements about the gay community, so it
wasn’t just about black women. You’ve gone after lots of groups, and where is this hatred coming from? – And Tommy, the main reason
why we’re here is because you bullied a young lady,
and you’re a grown-ass man. (applause) – How do you bully someone
by just giving your opinion? – How do you bully them,
oh my gosh, really? Did you direct message her? – To come on the show. – [Vivica] Did you ask
her to come on the show? – Before or after, before or
after you probed me already. – No, no, no. – You’re lying.

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  1. The Camera Man or Woman is SUPPER PETTY 🙄😳😩🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♂️ @ 2:18 please just 👀… Cuz that weave…. Nevertheless what’s understood don’t need to be explained……🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. This show is a joke 😂😂. They weren’t prepared at all. Vivica’s whole shtick is to clown a brotha publicly, didn’t work.

  3. This is why a lot of black men are still single and looking. Degrading a woman of any race is a sign of weakness and insecurity.

  4. I'd titty kcuf Vivica till she remembers what she was doing in detail on Thursday Nights when Knots Landing was on back in the 80s!

  5. Areva, STFU and take ya dam meds; sisters need to rock they natural hair and leave the weaves away and leave them for people who really neee it like cancer patients or something!

  6. I think Tomy's language is nasty, insensitive, and his opinions are very subjective.
    I dont see lots of White women trying to look like Black ones…

  7. Let's be honest if you want natural don' t date a woman with make up, contacts, painted nails, plastic nails, whiten teeth, push up bra, girtle, stockings, arch eyebrows,fake eyelashes,any plastic surgery, colored hair, fragrance, perm& etc. They all enhance the person and you are being a hypocrite when you talk about one and not the other. TOMMY has clear low selfesteem and it shows. Strong People build up, WEAK People tear down. He built has brand on talking down on black woman inparticular adding to the black race problem. Evil is out to kill, steal & destroy.

  8. Women with cancer wear WIGS not weaves. Big difference! Wigs don't damage your scalp. They are also easier to clean because you just remove them and hand wash in the sink. Weaves are difficult to clean & can be unsanitary especially for a woman with bad personal hygiene. They need to educate people. Vivica is all about money & promoting her hairline. I'm a black woman. I hate weave. I tried it a couple times for special occasions. It's unnecessary. I understand entertainers like Beyonce needing weave when they tour because the dancing & sweating is hard on African American hair. Everyday women should not need weaves. Care for your own hair.

  9. Essentially this entire show is boiled down to this:
    Tommy is stating facts and a legitimate issue that he wants to solve
    The women instead look at this as “hate speech” and are saying he shouldn’t say it because it’s not nice.
    No where they argued with him on the ideas. They never tried to debunk him. The whole show was a waste of time and contributed absolutely zero progress to this issue.
    And on top of that, the entire time they just threw straw man arguments at him and just tried to misrepresent him as this evil man. Terrible show

  10. Tommy says things like" Don't get on my tube or do not watch me." You are causing violence. We are going to watch you to see why you hate us. If you were not on tv or the tube. No one would watch you.

  11. Pick a Woman that pays more attention to her pussy when its time to have sex. You mean to tell me that there is not any soap or warm water anywhere in the house or room. It's not our fault you did not bath her, coconut oil her hair, and lotion her body down before you decided to screw her. Are you serious?

  12. How long have u been hating. Urself.. If every time u smell bad sex are you not in the room. Maybe the odor is you..

  13. I cannot understand the popularity of weaves. They are ridiculously expensive, and many weaves look like a clown's wig.

  14. That's not what he's saying you dumb b** Jesus Christ he's telling you your natural hair won't poison you

  15. Wait wait wait wait wait y'all talk about this man opinion. Bush told everybody in the world that Saddam had mass destruction weapon and some people to fight and die for weapon that did not exist now you telling him he hurts people feelings. I know he's telling the truth. weave is poisonous

  16. It's weird when that he's so obsessed with what women are doing. I agree with him that weaves are problematic, but if he's going to keep making this point about black women he needs to keep that same energy with black men.
    Black men also waste millions of dollars, collecting ridiculous amounts of shoes- Jordans, Nike's, etc.

  17. Tommy just wants black women to be more concerned about what's going on inside of their heads more than what's on top of them. There's certainly nothing wrong with that. He's entitled to his opinion. Shouldn't everybody be? The truth can be painful for some.

  18. I can't stand bitch made men and none of what he's saying applies to me. I am a Black Queen I know exactly who I am and whose I am. You can literally tell this nut job was dropped on his head as a baby too much maybe that's the reason why he's bald with no hair!

  19. That show should be changed from face the truth to face the illusion. Those women are not operating in reality

  20. Do people have to like us black women though?? Idc if you like me or hate me. Just don’t come up to me out of nowhere disrespecting me.

  21. As usual … They ask a question, won't let him speak. Then when starts to speak they see the road he is going down then they cut him off and avert to another subject. They know this man is absolutely right if listen closely you can tell he really cares and is passive. He just doesn't choose the words or ways they want him to use. Go on Tommy !

  22. Says the women who either had their hair straightened or have weaves! Tommy insulted all of them before he even came on the show. LOL!

  23. I’m willing to bet if he DM’d any of these women on the panel they would still screw him. #thethirstisreal😂😂😂

  24. sad to see all these black women in complete denial about their own hair! they actually hate themselves deep down trying to look white

  25. This is the truth Tommysotomayor is promoting awareness of how bw are so obsessed with weave, and violent children produced by unwed mothers Bw just don't want to be accountable for anything they do!

  26. LMAO! Thomas cracks me up. It's just his opinion. Don't trip. He didn't. He did the show, got the exposure and hit the door. He played the game on his own terms.

  27. Lol did he lie about anything? So you can't tell the truth about black women, unless it's something positive? They're the only group of people who are off limits.. That's insane. I don't respect insanity 😅

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