Why Does My Top Thread Keep Breaking? | Sewing Machine

Why Does My Top Thread Keep Breaking? | Sewing Machine

Hi, I’m Jennifer from Workroom Social and
today we are going to talk about why does my top thread keep breaking? I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this,
I know I have. You’ll be sewing and all of a sudden your
top thread will just break right in the middle of a seam. Super annoying! So I’m going to talk to you today about some
ways to troubleshoot those problems. The first thing you should do is just to re-thread
your machine. Just take everything out. Go ahead and pull on your thread, make sure
everything’s moving smoothly up there. You can cut the tail off and just start from
scratch. That’s going to be the easiest way to troubleshoot
this because sometimes things just get a little bit funny. Okay, so I’m re-threaded and now, hopefully,
I will be sewing easily without any problems. But if you’re still having problems, there
are a couple of things to check on. First is your tension. Sometimes if your tension is too high, if
this were up, I don’t know, maybe I accidentally had it all the way at nine, your thread can
get stuck and it can tear. So that’s one reason why your thread might
be ripping. Other things to look for are obstacles. Is your thread getting caught on something? Perhaps up here maybe my thread accidentally
got twisted around here, this tension disk, which is used for winding our bobbins, and
so that’s putting a lot of stress on the thread and as it’s going through the machine, it
just rips. So check for any obstacles that might be affecting
your stitches. The last thing that you should check is the
spool itself. Sometimes on home machines, the spool of thread
itself can be too heavy, too big, and it kind of gets stuck spinning around the spindle
here, and so that can put a lot of tension on the thread and cause it to rip. If the spool is just a normal spool, it’s
not a giant spool, you might want to take the spool off and double check this bottom
area here and make sure that there’s nothing that’s holding the spool taut while it’s turning. Maybe over time you’re getting a lot of adhesive
buildup from the bottom of your spools on your sewing machine and that’s causing it
to not move smoothly. So that’s just a couple of things that you
can do to troubleshoot, to try and figure out why your top thread keeps breaking.

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  1. None of those things were wrong, I'm going insane trying to sew a stitch, top thread breaks after about 5 seconds every time.

  2. Can it also be my fabric? Like it may be too thick or anything? I mean, it doesn't happen to a thinner piece of fabric I used…. So maybe I need thicker thread or something? Because each time after some stitches the thread breaks from the needle. 

  3. Hi when i'm trying to stich my track suit then my sewing not moving and broke my thresd. Help me. 

  4. The three biggest thread breaking issues I had occurred because:

    1) The tension was too low; therefore, the thread got caught under the needle while sewing and was cut in half (worse with cheap thread)
    2) The thread was too cheap. It just didn't have the strength to run at higher speeds and any slight catch would break it
    3) As said here, the tension was too high and the thread (cheap again) just broke.

    All issues solved now by getting good quality, stronger thread and having a quick play with the tension (mid-tension was usually always fine)

  5. Mine is still snapping after one or two stitches I tried all you suggestions and am using gutermann tgread and suggestions

  6. Another problem is the little slit on the rim of the spool that is supposed to hold the thread end on the spool when you are not sewing.  Sometimes the thread catches in this slit and the "brakes" go on and it breaks. For a Vertical spool – turn the spool over so the slit is on the bottom, Horizontal spool – use an end cap that is big enough to cover the end of the spool.

  7. I'm surprised that she didn't mention changing out your needle…  Sometimes needles can develop nearly-microscopic burrs along the shaft or eye, which ends up shredding the thread as it passed by it.  If you've tried everything else listed here, try changing to a new needle!

  8. My huge issue is the bobbin area jamming up and ripping the thread up. I've cleaned my machine and don't know what to do after this.

  9. Hi! My thread kept on breaking. It started when i used too big spool thread (it cannot fit on my vertical spool so i put it on a mug instead, as how pinterest would say it). But still, it keeps on breaking 🙁 any suggestions about having too big spool thread on my spool? Thank u!

  10. Hi does anyone know the model number of the sear kenmore machine? I bought mines used w no manual oops…Thanks in advance😚

  11. I might add one more thing to check as to why your thread might be breaking. I have older thread that I didn't realize was the problem until I changed it to a new spool and now it's stopped breaking.

  12. Also the direction you thread the needle matters. Mine kept breaking until I threaded it in the opposite direction. Little details are important.

  13. I have an ancient Vigetti which Wouldn't trade fora new machine:all metal. I have serviced yearly and oil it once monthly. Thread keeps breaking after few stitches at times and none of those obstacles you motioned are happening. Her/ please??

  14. Mone was the machine tension (not the thread tension barrel with discs but the other tension wheel on top) it was on 7 and I changed it to 5, sewed fine until then my needle snapped, probably due to being bent under the tension. All okay now, thanks

  15. 3 hours of frustration and I stupidly should have read the comments first. My needle was in backwards! Why is this not mentioned anywhere!?

  16. This video was not very detailed, and left off several other things that could cause thread breakage. No mention of nicks in the metal parts of the thread path, or damaged throat plate.
    Some machines also seem to prefer the thread coming off the spool in a specific direction. (clockwise/anti-clockwise).
    This almost seems to be a video aimed at very new sewers with one type/maker of machine.

  17. since morning I have try to sewing but the topper thread is cutting, I have already replace the thread , but no use what can I do pls help me

  18. Mine sewing machine is a Singer Curvy model #8763 and my top thread got caught in the thread glider. I think that it's a little piece of wire that's sticking out. Can someone help me?

  19. The cause of my breakage was crappy thread. Put a spool of better stuff on and…Voila – problem solved! Thanks! 🙂

  20. Hey thanks but my machine was good in that but I am having a hard time with cloth moving. Can you help me with that. Please

  21. The problem with my machine is that I broke all the needles that came with the machine and every other needle I've tried, breaks the thread after a couple stitches. I'm considering just getting a new machine. I've tried everything! Help!

  22. I keep making loose stitches.
    If I simply pull on the thread it’ll come out

    I have a brother sewing machine btw
    Not sure what model

  23. My needle thread keeps breaking, i have triend everything from rethreading, changeing the needle, turning the needle,
    I have checked it seems like the bobbin compartment is chafing right where the needle goes down…. What to do?

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