Win a Free EM-1010 Embroidery Machine AND DecoSummit Ticket + Why You Need to Attend DecoSummit!

hey guys no it is not a trick we really
are giving away an $8,000 and broiler machine and a ticket to deckle summit so
stick around to find out how to win so if you haven’t heard we here Acoma are
putting together our first ever conference and it is called deco summit
it is an all-out two-day conference focused on learning everything that you
need to know about the custom apparel industry all right so let’s get to what
you are here for how do you win an e/m ten ten included with accessories
training warranty and support the answer is simple all you have to do is attend
Echo Summit I actually suggested this idea and I really didn’t think that they
were gonna go for it but since it is our inaugural event we decided to go big and
more recently last week actually I asked if we can give away a deco summit ticket
and they said yes as well so if you want to learn how to get a free ticket watch
this video for info on that giveaway that’s going on right now as we speak so
what’s gonna happen is that every one of our 200 attendees at deco summit will be
enrolled in a raffle and at the end of the event we’re gonna be announcing the
lucky winners that will be taking home one of our best-selling and border
machines with everything included for free this includes training and support
like I mentioned earlier and speaking of training this leads me to reason number
two while you want to go to deckle summit you will get access to training
on embroidery DTG heat transfer digitizing and so much more and not only
will you need trains on all of these disciplines in the custom apparel
industry but you’re going to be hearing it from the pros themselves we’re gonna
be bringing in plenty of industry leaders speaking and hosting hands-on
training so that you guys can learn from people who have been there and done that
we were even able to pull some of your favorite youtubers which you probably
already know and love like rick is the entrepreneur who covers heat transfer
and ECG and gary from teacher help desk who teaches people how to start and
succeed in the custom apparel business we’ll also be bringing in some of the
industry’s best educators like Lissa Shaw who you have probably seen teaching
digitising in the past and evil reef rum the babies
YouTube channel who is also going to be teaching digitizing with a total of
eight digitizing classes between the two of them and yes all of these speakers
who I just mentioned will be hosting general admission classes so you don’t
have to worry about spending more on your ticket to see all of these speakers
and get to ask some questions in person this conference is great not only for
those looking to take their business to the next level but for those who are
actually just on the sidelines looking for new ways to make money or just
interested in the custom apparel business and don’t know where to begin
the conference is going to be held in our new headquarters right here in Miami
Florida so not only do you get to check out the new HQ which is beautiful by the
way but you also get to see the beautiful sights in Miami Florida where
you can enjoy the beach the Sun museums bars massive malls and some pretty
amazing local Hispanic food in addition to your usual choices also considering that you’re gonna be in
our new building you can come check out that new embroider machine that you had
your eye on or you can also if like I said before if you are new to the
business you can come and find out what the best piece of equipment for you and
what’s the best custom apparel method for you to start with so now the
question is how can I win a free deco summit ticket well all you have to do is
visit our Instagram page and all the details will be laid out there for you
so let’s just imagine for a minute if you are so lucky to win a free ticket to
deco summit but you also won the free iam 10/10 not only will you gain the
knowledge to start your business but you’ll also have the equipment you need
as well so with that being said I’m gonna go ahead and link the Instagram
below as well as the deco summit page for those of you who want more details
again any questions let me know in the comments below and thank you for

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