44 thoughts on “withwendy: tapestry weaving essentials (everything you need)

  1. I am so sick with food poisoning and your voice and the background music is bringing me so much relaxation.

  2. After watching this I immediately wanted to see someone make a really complicated LGBT+ themed tapesty and IDK why.

  3. This was so relaxing to watch! I feel like going to my local arts and crafts store and buying everything to start and make my own tapestry 😀

  4. Hi Wendy, just discovered your channel 👍 I started with macrame a couple of months ago and I'm now also interested in weaving 😀 Love the way you show and explain everything! Thank you so much for your video!!🙏😊

  5. Just came from watching an old tutorial of yours. ❤️ I’m so happy that over the years, your personality has flourished and I just find you became more vibrant ✨ I love your work and you inspire me to venture into farther territories 😌 thank you for your work!

  6. Amazing job I love your music and your personality I am crocheting while I'm watching this might be my new addiction thank you

  7. My great grandma used to do rugs from old worn out textiles and the method is basically the same as in tapestry weaving, it's just done in this huge loom machine (kangaspuut where I live) that allows you to push the wefts really tightly and strongly together and it swaps out which warps are up and down so you don't have to pic them up one by one. The same system can be used to make woven fabrics (hence "kangas") which my great grandma also used to do, she made a local historical costume for herself entirely from scratch. I don't remember if my great grandfather made the loom system or not but it's usually made from wood ("puu", plural "puut")

  8. Beautiful. Your video was very peaceful. I can see how this art form can be very theraputic. I will try this during the winter. Thank you for a great video.

  9. Such a soothing and relaxing voice…this was like asmr but it was also really helpfull. One of the best tutorials/videos i've ever watched. I'm seriously going to binge all your vids tonight. You just won a subscriber

  10. Can you make more off these video’s because you are great in explaining things Please make more greetings from Holland linda

  11. When I was four and five years old, there was a long wooden loom in the private kindergarten I attended. I was always painting or immersed in a huge tin of fragrant Crayolas, and even permitted to try the mysterious magic of weaving on the mighty loom with the guidance of the instructor. This vid was a small scale trip down nostalgia lane!

  12. I really enjoyed watching your video, thank you for sharing. What a great job! I have a question, what do you call that fluffy yarn and where can we get it?

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