Hey everyone, Miles Jai here! And today i’m gonna be reviewing this luxurious lace front yaki bob from RPG hair *weave review theme* So I received this hair in a box and the box came to me through FedEx I believe? And it got to me in about two weeks So, the wait wasn’t that bad And when I unwrapped the box It came in this bag with this hairnet and I just took it and it looked just like this Well, I mean not just like this I kinda curled the edges a bit and straightened her out But, for the most part There was no extra lace right here It was already cut and done and ready to go and I also have to add, that this was machine made now I know what some of y’all are thinking aren’t all wigs machine made? *NO* especially all lace wigs, a lot of them are hand sewn The hair is hand sewn into the cap which is why a lot of these lace front wigs I review are so expensive So I hope that when you are thinking about buying a wig you think about how long that takes and you’ll understand the pricing of that particular wig So you won’t be like * OMG* Especially if it’s real hair Y’all Get it together So this wig came in the natural color It is 12 inches and the density is 150% So, let me do my big reveal and show y’all the inside *UGH* So on the inside we have our lace front as you can see right here this is where the part is Now, that is good if you can see straight through that part cause that means that all you need to do is have a flesh colored cap Or powder the part a little bit so that way it’ll match the color of your actual scalp And *boom* it’ll blend So, this part goes back pretty far I would say All the way back to here but you really can’t see anything right there and on the inside of the cap you can see two clips that you can clip on to the nape of your edges Now I really actually don’t like clips in my wigs The only time I appreciate them if they’re in the back Because it helps to keep the wig down when I’m holding it up in a high ponytail But in the front, you can feel it literally tugging your edges out Which is the exact opposite of why I put on wigs I want to preserve my edges So, I use these to preserve them But, these combs, I do not use these Now in the very very back there is a comb now I like the combs the combs are secure and they stay secure these really don’t tug too much at your edges but you can certainly feel a pressure , but not the point where your like *omg ow* now what i really liked about this wig is that i didn’t have to cut the lace at all i didn’t have to worry about cutting the lace, i didn’t have to do nothing i didn’t have to any alterations I really like the fact that that they sewed in the tracks on the edges because when you lift up your hair it doesn’t look as obvious that it’s a wig and you can’t see the inside of the lace but there is kinda like a hard hairline it’s not extremely noticeable unless you looking like– is that a wig and there’s an extra comb on the top of the head, the dome but my hair’s not out so it’s practically useless and there’s also draw straps in the back so that way you can adjust this to your liking that looks pretty natural from where i’m standing right here um don’t look too close to your screen cause you’re gonna see the line but it looks pretty natural if your looking at it from like from like a foot, or a step away So yeah, I really like this wig okay so let me show y’all how the inside of the hair works like you see that? that doesn’t look like bad at all from where i’m sitting like you can obviously tell that’s it’s not probably like coming out of my head but! you can’t see any lace, you can’t see anything like wiggy so i’m not mad at it, i’m not mad about it at all I also chose a different texture this time around now i don’t know if y’all have heard of yaki, but she is thicker than a snicker meaning that this hair is thicker than the normal silky textures that you normally see on human hair wigs yaki textured hair often resembles black hair that has been chemically straightened so this one looks like a just got a fresh perm straight from the salon I’m living for her Also, there really hasn’t been very much shedding i’ve been putting my hands through her, brushing her out and there was only like a small fraction that fell out when I first got her and I really haven’t seen any shedding since then you can find this wig in the cheap wigs section i know y’all are screaming yaaaaass finally a cheap wig! well it’s not that cheap, girl it’s still real human hair so, on their website you can choose different options that you want for the wig so it’s slightly customizable so this one is 12 inches and that’s an extra $10 and the hair density was 150% which was a couple of extra dollars as well and all together it came out to about $109 this can fluctuate depending on which options you choose but that’s the option for this wig now that, in this case, is pretty cheap for human hair like you can curl this, you can dye this you can pretty much customize it as soon as you get it home, it is ~legit~ and i know y’all will try to fight me on this and say that it’s too expensive, but girl, human hair ain’t cheap so all in all i’m gonna have to give her four out of five andre 3000 ‘s i was not expecting to like this wig as much as I did and even though it is only a lace front and there’s tracks in the back the density of this hair is really good at covering the tracks i don’t have to worry about my edges peaking through it’s a yes from me so until next time it has been me, Miles Jai thank y’all for watching the weave weview and i’ll see y’all later bye!

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  1. Those contacts look great! I can't even tell they're contacts! They're blended so well. And I love the color! πŸ˜‰

  2. this is my third time watching this and each time my edges get snatched even more, I'm going bald with how fabulous you look in that ensamble

  3. I just bought the hair its so pretty. I also made a video on the hair. Support my channel. Please and Thank You

  4. Words cannot express about how much of a bad ass betch you look YAAAAAAAAAAASSS HUNTY WERK DHET GODDAMN WIG AND MAKEU-ooops I mean you look grea-YAAAAAAAAAAAAASSS BBEEEEEETCH

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